The Secret To Eating A Lot Of Fear Of Yoona’s Fat (snsd) Is A Vietnamese Dish ‘seen Love’

Why can YoonA can eat comfortably and never have to worry about gaining weight? It turns out that the secret is in a dish that Yoona is extremely loved, is also a couple of people 'seen is love', the global famous of Vietnamese cuisine.0: 00/1: 28 nam nuoi, Yoona Has appeared on Yuri's own YouTube channel and two SNSD members together to cook chicken noodles and make salads, they are two typical Vietnamese dishes. Cooking noodles is not very simple, Many Vietnamese girls have never cooked their own items but the two Idols memorized the recipe.Yoona on the bowl of noodle herself to cook while enjoying the results, Yoona revealed her She likes water dishes, especially pho. Yoona likes Pho so often eating very often

. If anyone asked Yoona the most interesting, of course it would be pho. For Yoona, Pho is not only delicious but eating where it is too warm to come there. The most enthusiastically revealed that Yoona is passionate about pale dishes, less grease, less fat like pho or salad , Even meat also chooses chicken breast
Yuri insisted that Yoona didn't like the items that would cause weight gain.Yoona explained that many people kept thinking that she often eats things to lose weight but absolutely not. Simply because it is Yoona's personal preference. But it is also because of maintaining such a healthy eating menu that Yoona always holds a stable weight if she doesn't want to say slightly thin, even want to increase a few more signs. It's hard to eat well. Yoona It is difficult to gain weight maintenance because eating nostalgies without fat, so just Yoona is a little more rounded, SNSD's Visual is excited to show off, as well as a mission of impossible tasks. British (General)

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