The Secret To Preserving The Charm Of ‘tieu Long Female’ At The Age Of 55

Hardworking Yoga, Ta Tay Combining abdominal exercises, 'Tieu Long Female' Li Dong, despite the age of 55 still holding a toning shape worth admiring. Tang with the role of "Tieu Long Female" in the film of the Dai Hiep in 1995. This role also brought her one of the leading Chinese flowers of the Central Entertainment Village in the years of the 1990s. Nearly 30 The following year the actress still retains the freshness, radiance and toned physique. The loss of li myasthop at the age of U60 on HK01, the actress shared about the secret of keeping the health and physique The exercise of hard sports and maintaining the controlled nutrition

. "Tieu Long Female" said that every week she spent 3-4 sessions for training. She set hands, Yoga balls combined with exercises exclusively for abdominal muscles. These exercises aims to help reduce excess fat and build muscle, especially the abdomen and arms
Thanks to the past 20 years, she maintains a habit of practicing yoga. In addition to helping to enhance metabolism, good for the body, yoga also helps prevent aging. Besides, female telecommunications also builds the diet controlled to intolerly into too much calorie body. Her menu mainly consists of healthy foods like green vegetables, fruits, fish, lean meat, chicken breast ... The actress revealed that she didn't have to eat abstinence, still eat Loving items but only loaded half compared to conventional diets. In addition, she regularly drank Hazaran tea. The final decision of Ly I am grassroots is sleeping early and sleeping enough. Sleep plays an important role in rebuilding and restoring skin
The decision to preserve the physical and health of Ly I among is a hard work; Eating science and sleeping with enough good things thanks to the habit of practicing, eating and resting and resting through the age of 55, Ly Nhạ Đồng Công Công Công Keeping the elminated fresh lighthead. language in private life. Until now she is still single because "has not met the right object and at the right time". She also expressed her views on marriage on the media that she had believed that marriage was the ultimate goal of a relationship and said that it was happiness. "But when I experienced it, I realized happiness was an invisible and it was difficult to describe. Only people who know how to know what they want and only they can determine what they want ". Ly casserily have a love affair with their entrepreneur of their entrepreneurs and" must love "Positive when she plays the film" The Spirit of Dai Hiep "26 years ago in 1966 was once a love of tears with Entrepreneur's Entrepreneur and also admitted, when closing the film the Dai Hiep 26 years ago, she had special feelings with "positive" of Thien Lac.

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