The Sedan Of The Large Tire Chevrolet, ‘size’ On The Road

Thanks to oversized tire levels, the Chevrolet Malibu became so prominent to the level of 'sample' when rolling on the road in Texas (USA) .0: 00/1: 29 Southern countries are taken in North Texas And show the sedan on a giant size wheel. Obviously, this set of wheels is too big, making the car no different from a toy car. Chevrolet Malibu became to stand out to "size". (Photo: Carscoops) The wheels are scheduled by the Chevrolet Malibu to be about 24-26 inches, but still "stuffing" into low-profile wheels with low configuration, which is only for standard tires 16- 18 inches

. The car job is much higher, the capture images also show that additional tires are even wider and protruding significantly compared to the body. This also makes them easily accompanied by the wheel break when hitting the driver. The sedan onto the 24-26-inch tire, looked like a toy car
(Photo: Carscoops) Not only turns difficulties that clearly, these wheels are much heavier than standard wheels and will affect the safety of the vehicle's operation. But, the owner of This Chevrolet Malibu will not be too concerned about but that problem, he simply wants to attract attention when bringing this "different" car rolling on the road.Chevrolet Malibu belongs to the segment of Class D sedan , "With the tray" with rivals like Toyota Camry, Mazda6, Honda Accord, Kia Optima, ... in the US, this model costs about 25,000 USD. Nguyen Hoang (According to Carscoops) you own a good car Super beautiful level? Please share the comments, images of motorbike cars according to email: The appropriate content will be posted. Thank you!

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