The Sequence Of 11/9 Terrorism Mistakes Weaken The United States

After the terrorist on September 11, 2001, the US reacted by attacking Afghanistan. A series of mistakes later contributed to weakening the world's position in the world. "At the end of the 20th century, the US stood in the world like a giant. No country matches us with military or economic strength, "said William Galston, the Management Research Program of Brookings Institute (USA), commented on the August 27 commentary." But the day September 11 changed it all

. Excessive focus on the Middle East makes the US distracting the geopolital forces that are relocating the world in a disadvantage direction for the US, "Galston said." The United States now weakened, split more , and no longer being as permanent as two decades ago, "said Galston.Trao changed with Zing, Mr
Dov Zakheim, who assumed the US Defense Deputy Minister in the early years of the war in Afghanistan (2001- 2004), also identified My Multiple Mistakes in Late Policy 11 / 9. However, Mr. Zakheim still expressed optimism and said the US will restore its position in the future. 4 aircraft from the terrorist element took control of pluning into the World Trade Center Twin Towers in New York City, USA, killing more than 2,600 people. Photo: Reuters.20 years and mistakes "We (USA (USA) have to react strongly before Al Qeada's deadly attack, and we did," said Galston in a commentary. But Knowly stop after defeating the Taliban, accepting the surrender of this force, and arrested Osama bin Laden - Leader Al Qaeda - At the Best Tora Bora, the situation today will be much better, according to Galston. Former US Defense Minister Dov Zakheim when there is an incumbent. Photo: U.s
Department of Defense. Agree with the above comments, former Venerable Zakheim said the US acted properly with the Afghanistan attack after the Taliban refused to assign Bin Laden. "But the United States should not attack Iraq before Completely stable Afghanistan, "Zakheim told Zing. "It is the war in Iraq, pulled America's attention from Afghanistan." And because it is too deep into building a state in both Iraq and Afghanistan, the United States cannot see other challenges on the day A greater in the world, like Russia and China ", Mr. Zakheim said. Also, the former Venus also said that the United States should not have tolerated corruption because this was destroying every effort America in Afghanistan. Corruption reduced the miles of the Afghan army to the extent that they were weak before the Taliban. Galston said that before, the United States did not led the world but thanks to friendship and alliances were trained through World War 2. Internal blocks of course still exist stress, but basically, friends and allies believe it can rely on the US. A US B-52 plane turns above Tora Bora, East Afghanistan in December 2001. Photo: New York Times. But the wrong invasion into Iraq creates a profound division between the US and Europe. In turn with the two moves of troops from Syria and Afghanistan also made the world, and even allies, suspecting the US, Galston said before September 11, 2001, the United States was not a national team Linking, but the split in the heart of the United States now became a lot worse, "said Galston. Ong Galston said that during the period after the 9/11 attack, Americans were very mounted. But after that, the American way of dealing with prisoners and invading Iraq invaders has escalated the controversies. The solidarity gradually gives way to the chat accusations, thereby erosing the beliefs of people People into the government. About this issue, Mr. Zakheim acknowledged the Americans who showed deeply but not seriously as serious as the 1960s - the time the US booming the anti-war movements and civil rights movement . American first aid for injured teammates in Kunduz, Afghanistan in September 2010. Photo: New York Times.Theo Galston, the opportunity cost that the United States must pay for post-9-year policies is also very expensive. Since 2001, this country poured directly about $ 2,000 billion in the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Because it is impossible to raise taxes to fund the war, the US public debt is increasingly stressed. "The United States was not forced to react in such a way after the 9/11 event, but the attack on the US land made The leaders have the opportunity and premise to give a series of mistakes, "said Galston." America is still the strongest powerful "Former Vice Minister Zakheim thinks that the US now has become safe Less than before the external threat, despite some mistakes in post-event policy 11 / 9.So with before the September 11 event, the US has additional agencies such as Domestic Security and Center Counter terrorist. The level of coordination with local accepting force is also improved, in addition to other terrorism enhancement measures. "The US domestic defense is very firm and has made many steps in this aspect since 20

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