The Sick Husband Had To Borrow Billions Of Money To Run, To The Date Of Discharge, His Wife Stunned When He Heard His Mother-in-law In Particular With His Son

The words of the mother-in-law are like a lightning strike in the mulberry in /chist / 3: 21Nam Southern the recent woman on a Chinese social network has attracted the interest and share of Many you read. The story content is as follows: "I am a Vuong Quyen, born in the countryside, because of the poor, I just finished high school, I don't take college entrancees that go out to do more. Having a degree of education, there is no work experience so you have to work in a restaurant. Also because I go to that restaurant, I will know my husband, then you are the director of the restaurant. My husband went to go to the guest and took over the cup so asked me to go home, but didn't expect to go home, he borrowed alcohol says that I really like me

. I have to pay attention to you so when you sign Looking forward to me like that, I also let everything happen naturally. That time we gave a relationship, soon I was pregnant. I thought he wouldn't care but then he Say that will marry T Oh
Go illustrated. When I was pregnant, my mother didn't know. Because she was afraid of worrying she should come before the wedding once I announced her. From the phone I also knew my mother was very excited but did not expect the wedding day, my mother got angry again to give me a pulse, then I really didn't understand what was going on. As a rural person but she is not a person who doesn't understand, she thinks that my husband took me because I gave birth to my family, but in their eyes, I was just a friend to eat before, lose face Their family, more and said I was in such a family strawberry would not be happy, I would have to be disadvantaged. Thanked, what I told me then I didn't want to listen, I thought she was torn apart, after many people persuaded and prevented my mother to go home. Before returning, she also said that if anyone bullied me, just call home, absolutely not Let others describe the rural people. However, after getting married, my mother-in-law is not houzing me like what my mother said, she is very good with me, especially during your child's birth, it can be said to have Taking care of me out of squid, buying a lot of nutritious things for me. I was born, she also carried me and showed the joy, and said my couple kept going to continue, during that time I really very happy. illustration
But not yet giving birth to the second child, my husband suddenly poured illness, at that time due to the cost of treatment is too costly, most are imported medicines so I have to spend all savings, Sell both home and car. My husband took two years to cure, that time we owed outside nearly a million yuan (equivalent to 3.6 billion). I have such a disease that makes my mother-in-law old weak , I can understand the feeling of a mother, because I'm also a mother. But she said that I had to harm my husband, even told my son after going to the hospital to give up and divorce me. I can't explain it, I think this is Mom's words Husband said when I was angry so I didn't care much. But last month after I finished completing the discharge procedure for her husband, I caught my husband and my husband whispering together. Because of my curiosity, I stood at the edge of the door to listen. My husband and my husband said I was a black comet, even though I gave birth to my house, I was just a outsider, if the house was owe a large amount of money, if Now divorce, I have to be responsible for paying off, because of why that money is borrowed, divorced, it is considered to have no relationship with their homes. When I heard these Mother's Words, I Completely stunned. Unexpectedly, I was in the past year because my husband's family tried to try so much, they finally passed the drawing bridge, where was my good husband's mother? I really regret it at first. Without listening to my mother's words, I couldn't expect any day to be treated in such a silver. But if divorce now I will have to bear the debt that overpasses my strength, how do I do it now? According to Khanh An / Law

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