The Silver-back Cheo, Half A Half-deer Rabbit Is Only Available In Vietnam

Cheo cheo silver back, mysterious animal with size as a rabbit but has a look like a deer. This is one of the 25 animals that are considered to have disappeared, need to be found again for the world. The silver-back cheo or the cheo cheo Vietnam or Vietnamese mouse deer (scientific nomenclature: Tragulus Versicolor) is one Even clogs in the family Cheo Cheo.cheo cheo silver with a shape of body like a deer but only 50 cm length and weighing 2.6 kg

. Their maturity size with a large rabbit. Fine and silky red-brown animals, while the chest and under the belly have 3 white fur streaks with the body. Males and children are not horny
Due to no horns or gauze, male cheo cheo uses long fangs to scramble or attract partner.cheo cheo silver is the only endemic clog of Vietnam and one of 25 animals Which Global Wildlife Conservation is de-disappeared and needs to be found to this world. This is the first known and described by scientists in 1910, when 4 specimens were collected around Nha Trang . In 1990, scientists obtained the body of a silver-back cheo from a hunter in central Vietnam. After that, no one saw them anymore. Small size, silver-back cheo is often the prey of many other animals including leopard, dog and forestry. But researchers say that the hunting activity of people is the main cause of pushing this species to the brink of extinction. Fortunately, recently, scientists have discovered cheo This silver in Nha Trang coastal city follows the effort to put the camera to "trap" the cheo cheo into the frame. Based on the images and videos that the team collected, the silver-back cheo seems to live quite alone , Eat plants and earn food during the day. Despite finding them after many years of disappearing, however, silver-back cheo is still a great mystery for scientists
So far we cannot build a clearer picture of the world's smallest clogs and is its endemic of this Vietnam. Scientists are more image traps in another dry forest in Vietnam. The biggest goal is to carry out the first comprehensive survey on species, scale assessment and distribution of cheo cheo. Cheo Cheo Cheo (Tragulidae) has all 10 species, including cheo cheo silver Vietnamese Male (Tragulus Versicolor). In Telegu in India, Cheo Cheo is called Jarini Pandi, meaning the animal is both deer, both a mouse. Cheo Cheo is generally an example of original ruminant animals. Cheo is shy animal, when they meet the enemy they jump very quickly. So there is a "shy as cheo" idiom. Readers Watch the video: The truth about the crow mine is selling in the market. Source: THDT.Thu Ha (TH)

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