The Sister-in-law Has A Severe Illness, Calling Me To The Confide To Give A Sudden Thing With A Gra Detector

Hearing the sister-in-law, I learned more about this woman.0: 00/3: 33 Southern men's husband, but my husband is not rich, quite fake but the members are extremely interested in the face of the face out. That is that in people without money but outside have to emerge luxury. Hearing, how do I really do it, but also for me to come to the man because of love without noticing things on the margins. It is said that husband's house only "peanuts" every sister-in-law is not luxurious but clearly the frequency of algae, suffered difficulties

. Via everyone in her husband's house, I also have the most strandling sister. Many when I quarrel with my husband, I also find sister-in-law to confide. She or me tips to overcome difficult conflicts
I now have been in strawberry for 2 years, are pregnant for 4 months. The sister-in-law was married for 5 years, there were two sons. Even with a good senu of my husband but also reduced a bonus salary. Well, we only know the belt, only a few months I gave birth to a child, would definitely be difficult. But my husband still feels lucky because he is healthy to work. The illustration of 3 months ago, the sister-in-law was tired, uncomfortable in him, went to the examination of the serious disease (I was not convenient Details). Overview is that if treatment will also take a lot of time, money. Otherwise, this disease will erode this small little woman. When I was sick, I was so sad to cry. But the sister is still extremely horizontal, not afraid, full of courage does not fall any tears
Every week, I still go to my husband's brother's house to visit her as well as encouragement of sister-in-law. Although knowing how to fall into this situation is no one wants, but now only knows trying for two small children. Two children are poor, they are too small, still needing to take care of their mother, last weekend, the sister's sister took me to her house. That day, her husband brother gave two children to his parents' house, only his sister-in-law at home. I was quite surprised about this private meeting. The sister sighed, started in the story: "You are an orphan who does not parent from the age of 15 years. If not for a younger brother to take care of, she went with her parents from that day. But it was because there was no family next to him, she was spurned by her husband's house, seeing usually. To now about making this strawberry, I'm none sin. Right to your husband, since I was born 2 guys Baby baby, he doesn't bother to wish his wife anymore. I know, behind a manich man as a man who caught his parents, guys playing lazy. He doesn't know the effort She for this family for years for years. Already, he also went to a girl. She also wanted to like me, gathering myself, was beautiful. Is her life too wrong It's a mistake? "The illustration. The sister, sister-in-law holding a bank card straight into my hand. I suddenly pulled my hands again, she scolded "Hold!". It was not enough to say anything more, the sister's sister cried, this was the first time I saw her tears. She said: "In this card, 200 million is the amount of money she saved for the past year. I don't want to give my husband or any of the other family, because they knew that they would break the pepper. I Can I keep you, then later, please help you two boys? Just make sure they go to school into a person ... I think I'm not over, please help me! "I Be comforted that this money she kept to treat the disease, don't think negative. As for the two sons, no matter what happened, the whole family will take care of them never to disadvantage. Even for me, my sister still left the bank card with a password in my pocket. Is I got this responsibility reasonable? I just trusted my sister and was afraid later. It's awkward too ... according to M.B / Fatherland newspaper

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