The Sister-in-law Is About To ‘go Over’, The Husband Claims To The Witnesses, The People Listen To The Criticism Of The Husband

A pregnant woman who recently pushed into awkward situations only because his suggestions' suggestions.0: 00/2: nam south of a child's birth is the joy and happiness of real Mother's father. So the moment welcomes a new life sacrifice born extremely sacred, so recently, a woman falls into awkward situations just because of his husband's offer. Illustration. Posts REDDIT Forum, Woman said: "Currently, I was pregnant 31 weeks a twins, 1 boy and 1 girl

. My couple was only 21 years old and had to be very hard, we were new There are children. My pregnancy process is not easy. My husband's brother is a medical student, so he is very interested in pregnancy and giving birth in my future
The husband is also quite close, he is 24 years old this year. In fact, I have known her husband's family since child so I can tell us grew together. A few days ago, my husband said that His brother wants to go to the birth room to see the scene I "overcome" in a substance method because it will help his learning process. I have bluntly refused, there is no reason whatever My husband was in my birth control room. I don't even expect my husband's appearance but don't talk about her husband. Husband persuaded to get into the birth room because it will be a great experience for learning as well as himself. But I said back even though I always supported him to pursue a learning path, but in this, I had to put my birth experiences on the top priority. My husband heard it was offended but Knowing how to be, I myself feel uncomfortable, "Illustrated. Currently, the woman shared this story to ask if she behave like that is right or not, please ask for advice Netizens should handle this situation. Most people expressed anger to the offer of the "owner", even criticizing the husband
"I heard it ie you always. I don't want to take a nose into another person but think about what your husband thinks that you dare to ask for something like that, "" give birth very hard, don't let anyone else make you more tired. " ... - Extract a few comments of the people. (Source: Mirror)

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