The Sister Tried To Artist Giang Whistle: ‘if You Have The Next Life, I’ll Be Sister Again’

'If you have the next life, I'll be sister again. Go home to me! What promised me, she never forgot ... ', the sister tried to the artist giang Message filled with an emotional message

.0: 00/3: 39nam south after 4/8, information artist giang whistle died in the family's loving arms after time to fight against the evil cancer made many people extremely shocked, especially the people who tried to artists. However, due to Ho Chi Minh City Still in the time of stretching the social way of social sisters, Le Thu Hanh's sister of the artist Jiang whistle was unable to go to see if the brother was lovingly with the sky. Basic, she wrote a letter to him My late brother
This letter was shared by a son who tried to the artist Jiang Hieu - Hieu Hieu Vick shared on the Fanpage of the Garden of Ba. "I, near Tet, I drove everyone to go to Buoi market. I bought Giving me the Mai Tree of Mai Thuy. I am surprised that I like it. I let my mind bend and cut it so that you want to say to me: Buddha teaches, how many new lives are new to make this life. You Thanks for the fate that gave us sisters. Even now I miss you now, I have to realize that my sister is a different difference, quickly becoming a center in the crowd. You quietly, Only felt confident in the four walls. The day we were young. Brighten, only 2 steps, I have taken up on the street, present in every erylei, the corner of the city
All day sister water, laundry Then dragged the book to gnawing. About, I am full of dust in the ward. Everyone knows. Everyone knows. Ms. Lang is like an industrial chicken. The times she left her shells to be unforgettable when he followed I. I stuffed a kite, climb the roof of T what. She hugged her neck yarn stood below. Afternoon, listen to the neighbors of a broken tile, the parent gave two no blows. The fish throw herself on the shore. I rushed to get it. His prongs crashed into their hands. Pain too, she cried. I said: Hold away, not tomorrow at home. I am Thin Then. Many day I run on the street to catch the newbird to buy it. Come now I don't understand why I never fell. Just knowing now, my flock of birds will not be careful by me ... growing up, my sister rolling her back. I made a bread, known candy. She closed the bag sold. I ride a car to buy beer. Sisters stood head for the crossroads. The little coin earned the sweat complex. When in Saigon to Hanoi with me, she didn't want to leave. Just like that she left the job for a month. Agency catches a review. I laugh: I wrote or put it on. The whole life is good. Now new written review! The director was surprised why her face was so cheerful. The sky gave her sisters beautiful days. When you have a job that can't do it, I'm often like that, I'm a person who helps her whole lottery, no matter how hard it is. My friend is very ... from the country to the world. Hearing the news I was sick, only looking at the number of medicines, pharmothes from all over the place to send it to me, I have to utter up: I'm not good at me! I, every day I cried. I miss you. But anyway, I also escaped the pain, going to serenity in my family's love and friends. Over the last half year, she was also with me. Don't go out for me. Go home. My house is always warm, because I always take care of everyone. Everyone misses you. Because I have anything, the first thing is that I think will bring. She told me: Since making television on martyrs, she believes that there is the other world. I don't know if I believe it ... If you have the next life, I'll be sister again. Go home to me! What promised me, she never forgot. Go home to you. The children are waiting for rice ... ". Under the comment section, many fans have expressed my emotional emotional affection for the sister's attached to the artist Giang hoi. Special, side The person who tried to the artist Jiang whistle also said he would try to maintain the Fanpage of this three garden, so we could not see the artist in the video but hoped that the artist will live in every person.

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