The Sister Was Pregnant But Her Boyfriend Refused To Marry, My Whole Family Came To ‘arresting’ Unexpectedly To Be Relieved

When I believe my sister becomes pregnant, my whole family pulled to her boyfriend's house to force it to receive Con.02: 00/2: 12 nouthern female girls ordinary appearance and money enough to feed themselves What is the stand out but I really want to marry my handsome husband. So 33 years old, she hadn't found a husband. Last week ago, the whole family was eating rice, my sister's sister in her tears confessed was pregnant but was rejected by her boyfriend. My father was so angry that the throw always the rice bowl was eating down the floor

. And she cried choking unanimously. After scolding my sister for exactly one hour, I asked you to give you the address of the other man to "catch the temple". My whole family escorted her sister to the house of Khanh Khanh to get married
When he saw the man who made her sister, I really stun. He is quite young and handsome. That guy named Duong, said it was very kind, polite, even pouring water to invite everyone. Leaving my parents and my sister finished, he clarified the truth. Yang said that right from the beginning, I just considered my sister a good sister, never intended to love it. I advised my sister to take good care of myself, don't think much affecting the fetus. (Artwork) When I know my sister has affection, he has limited. Any doubt my sister used alcohol to spread drunk and moment of yeast, then asked to enter the motel. Now my sister pregnant injections must be responsible for the child in the stomach. He refused to marry, my sister asked suicide
The positive words saying that my whole family was stunned, I didn't expect my sister to have a big without smart. The love is not forced, the things you do with the positive as he scared and runs faster. It said that he didn't have a girlfriend but never married my sister, even if I had me. Because I don't love each other to take back and break up early. He advised my sister to take good care of himself, don't think much affecting the fetus. If the child is born as a positive child, he will be responsible for cycle every month. Duong Duong's kindness makes my parents no longer say. In this citizen who is my sister, don't know the amount of strength, doing the dose to take the consequences. Dope is a good man, my family really wants to find the son-in-law of life as he Let my sister have a rebending place for a lifetime. According to everyone now, what do I do to reverse the situation? (Lananh ... @ under

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