The Sister’s Association Wants A Smooth Stretch Of A Smooth Stretch To Remember To Make This Delicious Jelly Eating!

Papaya milk jelly pieces with soft natural sweet taste papaya, milk is delicious aromatic mieng.Cac lam1 step. Sua2 cook jelly. Preliminary processing du3 swing. ThanhChuan be completed lieu1 materials

. Fresh milk 200g2. 1 qua3 ripe papaya. 10g4 gelatin
30gDu enough sugar fruits are popular in our country, in the ripe papaya contains beta carotene, the precursor of vitamin A. This is the role of powerful antioxidants help protect against some cancers, anti-dry eyes, dry skin and have a laxative effect. In addition, papaya is rich in vitamins C, B1, B2 and minerals such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc. Eating papaya regular blood tonic effect, increases the body's resistance. Papaya is rich in fiber so it can reduce blood fat, limit the risk of myocardial infarction and stroke, improves digestion. In addition, regularly eat papaya also helps increase the size Round 1. Moreover vitamin A in papaya helps the body synthesize compounds firming effect, bouncing swing milk jelly mold making nguc.Cach du1Nau suaNgam agar gelatin in cold water for about 5 minutes for soft gelatin. Pour 200g of fresh milk in a saucepan, add 30g sugar and stir well and heat until gelatin soi.Cho milk hot milk into the pot, stirring until gelatin tan
2So Ducat give a first swing mechanism swings du.Dung results scoop away the seeds inside the fruit jelly milk thanhDo du.3Hoan swing inward swinging du.Boc results contained in papaya clingwrap then let cool in the refrigerator overnight stop. When the plaster has solidified the plaster peeled papaya du.Thai swing into bite size pieces is xong.Thanh product: Each piece of papaya milk jelly with sweet delicious soft cool bar very easy to make but delicious. Jelly is not only delicious but also very beautiful, too. How then could not be simpler. Try as soon nao.De do papaya milk jelly, it will cost about 35,000 dong to the processing time of about 20 phut.Luu Note: You can replace gelatin powder jelly nhé! Wish you success with milk papaya jelly making them!

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