The Skin Always Shifted Oil, Because Where?

Oil skin condition, shadow regardless of east or summer is a big obstacle to taking care of your skin. By skin care, use cosmetics, if not properly fear of acne, but do not take care of the skin, the more oil is more and more explosive. What is the solution for oily skin girls? 0: 00/5: 44 Southern "suffering" of oil skin conditions Oil skin which has brought a unpleasant feeling, because the face is always greasy, causing Losing aesthetic, easy-to-make when makeup. When the amount of excessive oil, the skin looks dull, easy to catch dust, absorbs dirt and consequences of damage to the skin protection fence, even can cause allergies or irritating dermatitis. So, the oil skin is even more likely due to sebum combined with dead skin cells and stuck in pores, leading to blackheads, white heads

. This is also a condition that can disrupt the microorganism on the skin surface, the bacteria grow causing inflammation, thereby forming acne. Without treatment, skin care properly, acne status will become even worse, causing pus, acne .
. easy to form bruises, pitting scars, difficulty treating.Da oil often tends to ease Acne affects skin health (illustration) Why do you always shine, pour oil? Source of all troubles of oily skin is due to the ultra-small sebaceous gland located under the skin surface. The sebaceous route is the component of the structure of the follicular follicular structure located deep in the dermis, helping to transport oil from under the skin to the surface to provide the necessary moisture for the skin through pores. But when the sebaceave route produces too much oil will make the skin glossy, especially areas with sebaceous glands such as the T-range including the forehead, nose and chin. Summer weather, temperature and humidity Increasing or you live in a humid hot and humid climate area, which are more stimulated to stimulate sebaceous glands. However, even in winter, this situation does not end completely. By the weather, environmental conditions are just one of the factors that lead to oily skin. There are many other reasons that dominate this situation as genetically or diet lack of or too much sweeteners, fats increase greasy secretions on the skin. Even in puberty endocrine disorders, stress, using other pathological medications can also make the sebaceous glands for increasing the skin to make the skin more oil
"On the other hand, the habit Improper skin care such as washing face too many times to reduce unpleasant feeling caused by greasy but brought backward effects causing facial skin to lose natural greasy to maintain pH balance; or use Skin care products are not suitable, do not use moisturizer because this makes the skin more greasy, you have accidentally caused skin to lack moisture, more oil to compensate for the lost water. Therefore , the face more shadow "- TS.BS Tran Ngoc Anh, dermatologist dermatologist Ho Chi Minh City Dermatology Hospital said. East or summer skin, your skin also balls, pouring oil (Artwork) Leather Oily face, oil ball, how to improve? You don't choose the skin, but can choose how to care for the skin to become "weapons" for beauty, confidence. Therefore, creating a habit of skin care properly is the very necessary work to have a smooth and clean skin. According to TS.Bs Tran Ngoc Anh, there are 5 things to note in oil skin care: - Limit stress, fatigue and stress. Arrange the time to relax, rest, create pleasure for example to reward yourself a beauty gift after completing the good job. - Building a reasonable diet, supplementing at least 2 liters of water each The date included with many vegetables, tubers and fruits. Avoid using alcoholic beverages, stimulants and foods with fat content, high sugar can cause skin to increase sebum secretion. - Should wash your face every morning, evening and after exercise. Oil skin usually goes immediately with other problems that are acne. Therefore, the first and most important thing is to ensure that the facial skin is always clean. - Use moisturizing cream for daily oil skin, despite possessing oil skin, but you still need to use moisturizer To keep the skin with enough moisture. Currently there are many lines of products from manufacturers that combine both moisturizing and alkaline use, convenient for girls busy. - Note Avoid alcohol products (Alcohol), instead should choose The component is studied according to the natural biological principle to help fight the thickness of sebum, keeping pores that are well ventilated and minimizing the risk of acne appearance.Mat Control is a biological solution for mixed skin Combination and oily skin from Bioderma with the goal of supporting sebum disorders, oil shadows control by supporting pumes, preventing pores, limiting the formation of acne.Kem moisturizing control Greasy Sébium Mat Control Bioderma with a dedicated leather formula to skin Oil Hat Control contains exclusive Fluidactiv invention including strong antioxidant active ingredients for sebum, adjust the characteristics of sebum in a way Biology, preventing the development of acne. In addition to effective moisturizing ability due to glycerin, the product also helps to do

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