The Skin Appears 5 This Signs That You Are Irritated With The Use Of Cosmetics

Don't ignore any signs because it may be a signal calling the skin of DA.0: 00/2: 17 namkhi weather changes season, many girls tend to change some cosmetic items. When the cold season is coming, she tends to find products with a more heavy moisture-level ability, but you also need to notice because it is not any product that fits your skin. There are products with great skin care ingredients but can make your skin worse. If your skin meets these 5 conditions when changing cosmetics, you should stop immediately

.Da pour too much oil is the situation that the skin protection fence is being damaged. When your skin lacks water, the skin will pour the oil continuously, another case she noticed that it was to use overheating water to wash your face, causing the skin to lose elasticity and affect the natural oil layer on the skin, causing Leather poured oil continuously. Measures are she to use mild moisturizing gel, water supply for skin
Besides, it is necessary to choose a mild cleanser and wash face with a maximum of 2 times a day to ensure the skin protection fence is not affected. This is hot and itchy to stop this case Use and replace with a mild component moisturizer to restore and soothe the skin. Remember carefully, if the skin is irritation and manifest with a hot and tingling phenomenon, you should cut all the treatments, and now only focus on cleaning and restoring the skin. Li Ti Ti ti all over the skin, no multiplication and rash on your face, this is a very good sign when the skin uses skin cleansing masks that contain clay ingredients, because they make the skin dehydrated Or too dry leads to irritation and pimples, which appears red patches This is an allergic sign with a fairly serious cosmetics when you are red and spreading on your face. At this point, stop using the product that is using immediately and needs a dermatologist or experts to be supported.Da gets red acne when the skin responds to cosmetics, up red acne and swelling, is It is a sign of skin you are irritating with that product. According to experts, your skin needs 2-3 weeks to adapt to new skin care products, but if acne floating regularly and a lot, from one segment to another, consider changing the type of cosmetics use. To deal with acne sites, it's best not to use the acne dot products that contain Melaleuca Melaleuca, then minimize the Skincare steps, it's best to shop for yourself a serum that contains B5 recovery and resistance inflammation.

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