The Skin Is Silently Destroyed By Makeup Paper Towels

The deserted wet towel is preferred by handy, but this product is silently harmful to the skin such as aging, acne, allergies, ... without cleaning the makeup layer.0: 00/2: 20 NAMSAU DATE DAY Tired, just wiping the makeup layer also becomes happiness

. Makeup remover is an important thing to make skin clean even for people without makeup. However, this does not apply to a page paper towel. Although convenient but use frequent page remover tissue can cause serious problems for the skin's skin
Pick a dry skin for more dry illustration. The main component of the Mazout paper towel is easy Remove makeup layers. However, it also takes away natural oils on the skin, causing lack of moisture and dryness. The remaining substances of makeup removerties are still on the skin, preventing water from penetrating skin into the skin, making the moisturizing cream then do not bring the best results. Formuses in some cases, use of paper towels Page can cause allergies. Redness skin, red formation is common symptoms next to more serious reactions. In 2015, a woman was blistered and the face after using this product. Therefore, not only makeup removerties, before buying any cosmetic, remember to check the component on the product label. Cay asterisks of pores and produce acne Paper Removal paper can hardly remove Full makeup class, long-term accumulation will harm the skin. Besides, there is still dirt, excess oil,
.. All of this leads to clogged pores and causing acne. Components can cause cancer components in commonly plaved wet towels Chemicals and preservatives are harmful to the skin. Popular chemicals like paraben can cause breast cancer, because it mimics the properties of estrogen and increases the development of breast cancer cells. Early aging skin is used to use wet clothes, everyone Tend to rub them on the skin strongly in the hope of getting more dirt. However, this forms great pressure on the skin, causing skin to vulnerable, forming wrinkles and pigments. Aesthetic doctor and caregiver have warned this so that users soon have aging. Face cleaning of users. They only disturbed bacteria, excess oil and cosmetic layer on the face. Cleaning the skin is essential but the best way to remove makeup is gentle washed with water and cleanser. According to Huong Giang / VietQ

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