The Socio-economic Source Of The Trend Of Young Chinese People Lies, Lounging, Wearing A Lifetime, ‘tang Ping’

Chinese young people from the beginning of 2021 'Tang Ping' - instead of trying to work, make money, buy a house, buy a car, stabilize life, they choose to let go. So where does this movement have a source from and where will it happen? 0: 00/8: 05 nestras: The Economist1. Philosophy Lying Flat - What is Tang Ping, Since when? "Tang Ping" (躺平 / Thay Binh; 'is' Lying', 'Binh' is' equal, flat ') or a flat philosophy , Located, albumping life comes from an article on the Chinese social network in mid-April 4. The author of the 9X generation article uses from this team with the explanation: "Determined to ignore every effort To complete a job or a certain goal. I want to create my own living: lying alone all

. Only when lying down, new people can become a measure of all things. "Author Self-introduction of unemployment two years, but this doesn't make him feel depressed. Instead of bringing themselves in the family's expectations or running by the success of friends, this person chooses to lay yields by "increasingly disappointed with culture to work exhausted by modern society
" Philosophy "Flat lying" immediately creates a response wave on the internet. Many young people born in the 90s, 95, 00 expressed that they didn't want to strive anymore. They just want to lie down because they feel that no matter how long they try, they can't buy their own house, and their effort only causes the rich and rich capital. Movement 996 (9am to 9am to 9am, 6 days / week) caused many workers to sacrifice their personal life as well as their health to devote gray matter and strength to the company. This causes the impairment of quality of life, even literally death for many employees. Land rates rose rapidly, causing rich and poor gaps to increase seriously. This also makes most young people feel that even if they have hard work, it can't buy a house, especially in big cities. Today's conception of Chinese people, there is no story Love and wedding without house, car, savings. Even if the woman agreed, the girl's family can still not be satisfied. This makes the young people more suffering about the spirit
They feel no standing, no way to end Kissing, as well as unable to create good education for children, this is also the reason why the marriage rate is declining in recent years. Rather than working harder , It is a kind of impotence before the basic issues of contemporary society.2. Consequences of lifestyle lying flat, lifting lifetime, funeral ping: Caixin GlobalIf young people are increasingly about choosing a way of living "flat" will bring what harms for individuals and society? First, causing Economic and accompanying stagnation is reducing the number of employment of the whole society. If more and more young people choose to compromise and stop striving, fighting, the price of housing and prices increases nothingly nothing to do with them, how can merchants sell goods? If not sold, the economy will be stagnant and the necessary tasks of course will be less or less. Currently, in many Chinese cities, a lot of students after graduating from graduation cannot participate Into the work positions corresponding to ourselecting specialties. Many people will choose to deliver food or take a left-term career. About the long-term, it will affect the more and more people's thinking and psychology Children, causing young people to feel nonsense is meaningless, thereby reducing the desire to cultivate, striving for the two, the young people will charge the "the most beautiful age" that must be used for 'waving', For the biggest efforts of human life. If young people actually believe that lying down can solve the problem, they will have to pay for their decisions. By growing up, young people face the aging of their parents, with different spending on the family, eventually young people still have to rely on themselves but they themselves are so much Mistic years are in a physical and mental health of the child in the age of 25-35 as the most suitable for the highest intense efforts. So young people will lose the most powerful striving phase of life if choosing "flat lying". Divided through the most appropriate age to strive, but still lacks qualifications and capacity, Perhaps there will be no chance to locate themselves in society. When to a certain age, there are many things to achieve people will have to be struggled ten times compared to young people. So why do young people do not choose "fighting" at an abundant health age, can withstand difficulties and hardship? Lying flat does not solve any problems. It can be used as a temporary emotional appease measure of the young generation, but it should not be negatively negotiated, flow into a living way, lifestyle, cultural movement.3. Chinese young people really want to "lay flat", Tang Ping KH

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