The Son-in-law Was Threatened To ‘carefully Executed From Foreign’, His Father Replied With A Fresh Smile But His Next Action Was Really ‘danged’

'The worst is that my husband has a bad personality, the two kings argue and he threatens to divorce, chasing his wife to or not, calling to the liability to hook his parents after the daughter ...', the wife said.0: 00/3: 28 Southern countries are not satisfied with his wife to be threatened and called foreign houses to teach children

. This way of behaving "maturity" is not less men. The husband in the story below is a typical example. The story is like this: "My husband always distinguishes the discipline
My parents who give it, I remind you to repeat it like my wife's head. Foreigner again, how many things, I went to see if it was natural, the responsibility of my parents for her daughter to get a husband. I'm still renting a house, injuring economic children without, father My mother also actively closed first for the whole year (because the landlord was the acquaintance of my parents), two children only stayed, worrying about doing business. So every time I mention it, he ran away: 'grandparents Pay the house for the daughter, grandchildren, grandchildren for Ai '. The shared of the tenant is that my husband is bad, the couple keeps arguing and he threatens to divorce, threatens his wife to foreign or No call to the liability to hook my parents in the afternoon, so I don't know how to get a husband ". She considered it the left side of the family life, after debating the couple to protect each other to improve himself, it was also good. However, her husband was angry with his wife to divorce or blame the house, causing her inhibitory . There was a contribution several times, he did not put in his ears, his couple added a sound. More tired, he went to the house to say his wife, causing her parents to hurt her parents, so she held it to stop for the door of a peaceful house. "My husband was happy, friends and friends
You call it easily. Because of this, how many times the cheese couple don't know the day before, so the wife is ignoring, still appointing you to drink up to 9pm. I love you too Her husband lived irresponsible to his family, so he immediately told me to be a mess, to raise his wife's hand. At the same time I visited my son sick, saw him, he pulled his hand but blushed, but blushed: ' I went to see that daughter. Husband to drink alcohol, but it's very good. Just this momentum don't blame the neckline to pay for your parents to teach that daughter '. Go to my child. I am also looking forward to welcoming my grandchildren's daughter here. Let it live with a lack of husbands like the brother we have to worry about it. I turned to tell me: 'I'm sorry This man. Application took her to sign and go to clean its belongings Put out the door for my father. Dad to tell me, this apartment bought it for me. Mai dat will call people to repair, rolling again. The divorce changed his life, the house also had to refurbish to new 'illustration, I listened to look at his father's father but he didn't bother to say anything with him. After that, he took his mother and son back to the temporary side until they finished fixing the house. My husband ever tex on every day, please apologize to get wrong with his wife, and to the whole family to apologize to his father-in-law, but their father is still very angry. "In the marriage unavoidable when the couple collided but the prize How to contradict, close the door to keep each other or drag the parents to the battle is the difference between behaving that represents maturity or immature in the thought of the insider. Family is the private group of 2 People, we must know ourselves your own responsibility. Double-side interior is to let your husband jointly press her females, not to pull out birch birch. So many people voiced criticism The century, conservative husbands in the above story as well as agree with his father's behalf. They said, he deserves to teach him seriously. Hai Huong / Family

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