The Son Is A Big, Mother From His Hometown To Visit 1 Sentence: Mother To Prepare For The Coffin

The mother planned to be the tragic outcomes of his son, but she still couldn't stop what would happen to happen in: 00/4: 21 male in history, there are many celebrities for talenting Teaching the smart of the mother, which is typical of Mother of Manh Tu in the story of "Strong Tam Thien model" (Mother is strong to move three times). The mother gives birth to a child, looking at me growing every day, so , It can be said that the person who understands the most maternal is the mother. The poor, cruelty area with Han people, with a famous oversight is a decilinous strict. From a small word he was taught carefully, grew up into a big position in the court. One day his mother came to visit, he hurriedly welcomed his mother, saw his mother only said: "Mother about preparing for a coffin"

. Why did the mother say like that? Although it is a big quan tide Han, strict annoyance has a kind of quan not like anyone. He ran out of the ink of the poor but was extremely cruel to those who had the right. If a poor citizen committed a crime, he always sought to let him escape, but if it was a rich or children Of the noble king, even if it was a very small error, he would do a big deal, at least punish it
If the rich are a little guilty, he immediately pulled out the French school. Regardless of the older people who are poor, they will have to suffer together with the same penalty. Related Harvard University's rescue: 3 behavior of parents that make the child grow in less intelligent people in the court call him As "serious butcher", the number of people who died in his hand did not tell me. Many people considire to stop him but not, he was trusted by the Emperor, so he didn't have any time. A great power has a bigger power of the year. In the time of the period) .tuy was pushed away from the city, but the interesting position was still a very large authority in the locality, strictly annoyances did not change their habits, still defending the poor and for the poor and for the poor Treating cruelly with the rich, do not care about the people's disciplines. The unhealthy sympathetic mother of the Mother of Nunnery is a gentle woman from, virtue, five her son growing up They are big. Knowing my child was a Khac Khac, she was always worried about her child to be too cruel. Hearing the new child in Hanoi in Ha Nam, it was close to the house, she was wrapped in watching children
Arriving near the gate, the mother was very happy to think about to meet his son. Any doubt she saw her son who was heading to a series of prisoners. Seeing this scene, she understood somewhat, his son's position is still cruel for a long time. Blood flows down, the mother ran to a nearby inn, afraid of not daring to go into the city. Looking to see the bleeding of the head, the mother understood his son's job for a long time change. The image of the mother who believed his mother visited and seriously annoyed quickly to the inn. When he arrived, his mother only said: "The court for me to do, is because of your trust, I don't have to have the right to kill innocent people. Now I have killed many people like that, sooner later There is also a day of attempts to meet, mother to prepare for a coffin ". Mother's advice to seriously enlightenment. Illustration. If you don't expect your mother to say that, then make a vow, determination to repent. However, he didn't have the opportunity to correct again! An important issuance of his mandarin on the emperor, nobody who defended him, because of the past years he caused too much enemy . He was trimmed, ending a bloody life. Baby: A hand raising her child to become a person, the mother must be painful when forecasting the consequences that their children will suffer when wrong. Action to advocates the poor of annual strict can comes from good purposes, but he was wrong when killing cruelly with all rich people. The French did not distinguish the rich poor people, the crime is not Only created by the rich. Strictly annoyance has distorted the truth. A story of history, leaving back to the postwater lesson. In life, a lot of things just need to change the way of viewing or methods that can produce contradictory results, right and wrong sometimes only gang, we should be alert, carefully look Get things, avoid jamming, rule the one, this is good for everyone, which is also good for ourselves.

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