The Son Of A Good Self-sudden, Gs Cu Trong Tay Has Not Been Happy To Be “cried ‘when He Knows The Reason: On The Wise Television, Staying At The House … Trick

It is true that the child is unrefined with feathers of the wing.02: 00/2: 53 Nouthern region does not appear more on the same television but "Professor rotates" Dinh Tien Dung - The face is familiar with the gameshow to ask whirlpool, A Rotation still often makes fans interested in sharing stories on social networks, especially humorous situations about teaching children. He was truly a man of the family, knowing his wife to take care of her son, teaching children to study. Leped here, this father shared an interesting story about her son. This is that you are suddenly obedient

... abnonse, I thought older children should "know what" more, who is nervous truthlessly unable to describe
.Min the recent days are strange. Studying autonomous, eating decent, afternoon you run out of squid. Even sometimes, Min also exceeds the requirement, proactively helping people, attitude in courtesy. The parents tell each other is sometimes it will be obedient, just a fishing chart It rose slightly slightly. Dad showering with Min also praised and encouraged and encouraged, the kind of parents saw Min several today very well, his parents are happy because of that ... when bathing is always at the heart of the truth, so Min Voice is deep Talk: "You know, in December,". Why didn't you understand, then asked in December? Min was surprised to look at her father: "I don't know? Is that Santa's Month, so I have to be good?" Hard, my parents also put early for Santa with something that donated)
Min her voice was deep: "Well, I haven't thought of any gifts. But you know, I'm happy first." Ah, so it is also to invest in the investment. It is also confided in sincerity, so I am also a deep voice. , Be careful, clear achievements, don't clam, do not argue again ". Min was surprised: "Wow, also because of Santa?". I replied: "Yes, so roughly, not only one man, but a series of Santa,". Min's eyes lit up: "Wow, the adult is so pleased. Progress, then asked absurdly, shouted, scolded, bonus gold bonus ... but this paragraph I did not tell Min, let me practice the end-year obedient habit like this is also good. " Min's eel "MIN's Festival, full of bicycle, full of smells ... The spicy cents of his father make their lover to release Ha ha:" Mr. Min act is intentional to be the substance of successful people kakaka "; "Just telling the good story, there will be a gift that the stones are dead" ..., many humorous people comment. , accompany children in the mature process. He chat with her close to friends. His wife was also a famous MC of VTV - Hong Nga, but then she moved to work at the university. Both love each other for nearly 3 years then go to the happy wedding in 2012.Theo understood knitting / national newspaper

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