The Standard ‘marshal’ Appearance Of Kim Ngan’s Son – ‘weak Woman’

The recent images of the youngest hallel and foreign husbands caused a stir Community Community0: 00/1: 55 namthan, the youngest son of actor Kim Ngan - female main woman movie causing uncle Italy the network community by outstanding appearance, marshal standards. Alberto is only 13 years old, 1m77 tall, many audiences predict, this height will still grow superior, because Alberto has just entered the age of puberty.Mang in people 3 Vietnamese blood, Italy, Austria, Alberto's Western Lai's face makes Netizen crazy because he is too young. Kim Ngan said the youngest had a good academic achievement, especially math thanks to the ability to remember long and sensitivity. Also, Alberto had a sports play like tennis, football,

Let your son grow physically, actress is always interested in child's diet. Moreover, Alberto is also the one who knows how to help his parents work with houses .Kim Ngan was born in 1979 in Hanoi. Before participating in the movie field, she used to be dancer. In 2002, Kim Ngan on the role of Ngoc in the weak woman filmed on HTV, closed with actor Truong Minh Quoc Thai. At that time, the film stormed the wind in the fans in the South. In 2004, Kim Ngan Nghe Nghe and joined West to overseas. At first she said she was facing many difficulties to get used to the new language, integrating the European culture. But thanks to the help of her husband's family, Kim Ngan has gradually get used to new life. At the present, the actress had a girl, a boy
There was no artistic activity, but when he had the opportunity to return to the country, she and the weak woman's film still made an appointment. The image celebrating the occasion of Kim Ngan to the country with full members who have participated in films such as director Dinh Duc Liem, Phuong Dien, actor Vo Ngoc Ha, Truong Minh Quoc Thai. It is known that Kim Ngan remains a good relationship with actor Truong Minh Quoc Thai. Nearly 20 years ago, he was the one who introduced her to director Dinh Duc Liem, which was a bridge to help Kim Ngan join the weak woman.rosa (synthesis) Photo: star

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