The Standard Skin Care Secret Of Ngoc Quyen

Ngoc Quyen shared beauty secrets to help me attract more time to appear in a crowded place.02: 00/2: 01 nam 00:00: 00/01: 23video: boutiquenq, Ngoc Quyen model is busy so don't have much time lotion. However, she has a stretched skin, healthy thanks to the basic skin care steps. "Many people think of simple skin cleansing but if they do it right and enough, will need a process," she said. Here are the steps of Ngoc Quyen to keep the skin healthy and beautiful at the age of 33

.Step 1: Wash your face if you make a daily makeup, donate you to pay attention to the makeup remover. Use a suitable skin remover oil to remove make-up or sunscreen. Then, rinse with cleanser to ensure a ventilated pores
Scefoil 2: Exfoliate skin structure of three layers, in which the top layer is dead cells. Some of you have thought of dead skin removal will make your face thin, but this, according to Ngoc Quyen, is not entirely true. "Depending on the skin type, you should choose the right exfoliation cream. Do not promote prices when buying products but don't choose too cheap type to dry or pimples. You can find the average type ", Ngoc Quyen shared. Each week, Ngoc Quyen exfoliated 2-3 times. This eliminates dead skin, deep cleansing, controlling the amount of oil on the skin and regenerating new cells. NEWS 3: DetoxNgNguyen Choose Detox with a bubbling mask to smoke all the greasy residues on the skin. Especially with dark makeup sisters, this step is essential. Detox helps to clean comprehensively, also reduce darkness and melasma
Light, late skin over time should work hard detox and the final step is the mask. Depending on the different skin, you choose the types of masks with your own characteristics. Masks have many functions: moisture, help brighten skin, supplement vitamin .. Note: After applying the mask, do not wash your face always to dry the skin Natural to dry skin from absorbing nutrients. One The number of skin care activities needed is to use toner (rose water), serum, eye cream ... "If you own oily skin, you should pay attention when choosing moisturizer because if you use wrong, it will make the skin easier to get acne. With dry skin, you use a good cream to restore moisture. Eye cream should choose expensive type to best efficiency, "she said.

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