The ‘star’ Mu Series Is About To Be Big

Coach Solskjaer is trying to persuade the Red Devils to renew the contract with 5 important players of MU. The football team in Manchester started the new season jubilantly with a 5-1 victory over Leeds United, with hat-trick Bruno Fernandes.Solskjaer wants Bruno, Maguire, Rashford and Luke Shaw soon renew the Portuguese guard to Old Trafford early 2020 for £ 47 million and immediately become the main nucleus in the Red Devils' gameplay .Althoughever, Bruno Fernandes is receiving a salary of £ 100,000 / week, the remuneration is less far from many other teammates, especially David de Gea (VND 375,000 / week) .Solskjaer wants the contract to reflect properly The value of the player

. So, he hopes to lead the MU soon to reward Bruno Fernandes and 4 other factors with the new postposition.Theo The Sun, Captain Harry Maguire, Marcus Rashford and Luke Shaw will also receive a contract with a new salary . While the extended negotiations Paul Pogba are still going on
Currently the three Maguire, Rashford and Shaw all earn less than £ 200,000 per week. Solskjaer hopes, they and Bruno will be raised to pay a salary of £ 250,000 to £ 300,000 / week. The current Maguire Captain Maguire is still dead until 2025. Meanwhile, the contract between Rashford and Luke Shaw with MU will end Pushing in the summer of 2023, attached to the extension of another 1 year. Norwegian Military Military also wants to keep Pogback Pogba to create more pressure on the leadership by the French midfielder only 11 months contract. Paul Pogba is allowed to freedom to negotiate with the UK teams since the beginning of 2022. If this is not persuading this 28-year-old player to continue, MU will face the risk of loss of white pogba.solskjaer holds the relationship Good with the student should hope the club can hold Pogba to serve long-term ambitions. * An Nhi

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