The State Bank Proposes To Reduce Lending Interest Rates In July

The State Bank requires the Banking Association to mobilize credit institutions to reduce lending interest rates within this July 9: 00/2: Southern National Conference on the Solutions to support enterprises, The economy before the impact of Covid-19 Pandemic, Permanent Deputy Governor Dao Minh Tu affirmed that the banking system will continue to support businesses through solutions and measures on the spirit of support Extreme, essentially. "Supporting businesses but must ensure safety, maintain financial capacity for the bank itself, for the whole banking system and for the entire national finance. The banking system continues to show responsibility For communities, businesses and society with specific actions, specific action programs, will be issued by the Governor of the State Bank in the coming time with specific requirements and tasks for the whole industry to implement real Currently, Mr. Tu said. At the same time, Mr

. Tu Giao the Banking Association mobilized the consensus of credit institutions to reduce interest rates with specific levels right in July 2021. Permanent governor Dao Minh Tu proposed to reduce lending rates in July. (Photo: SBV) According to Mr
Tu, Covid-19 since the outbreak of nearly 18 months has greatly affected the economy in general and banking activities Goods in particular. The pandemic still has a very complicated situation, so the story has just been able to prevent and combat the epidemic but still guarantees to restore and achieve economic goals as a huge dual duties of the government as well as ministries, branches and localities. Just, businesses have been facing many difficulties and according to the General Statistics Office's data, the proportion of enterprises withdrawing from the market is not small due to the resistance. The state has been working very hard to bring out many solutions and policies to solve difficulties for, until this time, translation is still complicated, businesses continue and increasingly difficult, feasible Resistance resistance. Therefore, this 2021 still needs further support, positive and more responsible support of all banks in continuing to restructure debts, interest rate support in the spirit of direction Off the governor from the beginning of the year and according to the fierce direction of the Government and the Prime Minister. The Governor Dao Minh Tu emphasized, all activities of the Bank must be harmonious between 2 goals of enterprise support, supporting the background Economic overcoming difficulties, but still ensures the highest safety for the banking system in general and for each credit institution in particular, not only in the short term but also in the medium and long term. "SBV will continue to run the active and flexible monetary policy to closely coordinate with fiscal policies and other macroeconomic policies to control inflation; DD dret to stabilize macro, market, support Economic fast ", Deputy Governor affirmed.

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