The State Bank Requires Reducing Lending Interest Rates Within July

The State Bank requires the Banking Association to mobilize consensus of credit institutions to reduce lending interest rates with specific levels right in July. In July: 00/2: 42 South Central is one of those Important content was raised by the State Bank and member units, credit institutions at the online conference on businesses to support businesses and economies before the impact of Covid Pandemic- 19. The conference, Permanent Deputy Governor Dao Minh Tu said the Covid-19 epidemic outbreaks nearly 18 months have greatly affected the economy in general and the operation of the banking industry in particular. Meanwhile, the pandemic still has a very complicated movement, sets the requirement to prevent and combat the translation but still ensure restore, reach economic goals. In fact, businesses are facing a lot of difficulties towels because of epidemics

. According to the General Statistics Office, the proportion of enterprises withdrawing from the market is relatively large due to the resistance. According to Deputy Governor, the State has been trying to make many solutions and policies to solve difficulties Towels for businesses. In particular, the banking industry is considered a channel to support businesses to actively last time
Do the SBV issued Circular 01/2020, then Circular 03/2021 Amending and supplementing Circular 01 to restructuring, delaying debt balance loans and lending interests, reducing interest rates, fees, and many other policy mechanisms, the banking system has implemented business support. These new policies along with Support for taxes, insurance, social schools ... has helped businesses and employees to remove difficulties .NNN requires banking associations to mobilize commercial banks to reduce interest rates with specific levels In this July. Photo: Nam Khanh. However, leadership said the State Bank said now, the situation of epidemics continues to be complicated, businesses are still facing many difficulties and resistance to increasingly decreasing when epidemic . Therefore, this 2021 still needs more positive and responsible support from all banks to continue restructuring debts, interest rate support. Governor Dao Minh Tu emphasizes all activities of The banking industry must be in harmony between two goals of enterprise support, supporting the economy to overcome difficulties but still ensures safety for the banking system and for each credit institution, not only in the short term but also In medium, long-term, the currency management agency also added on the basis of the goal of the National Assembly and the Government on the socio-economic development plan in 2021, the SBV will continue to run policies Active and flexible currencies closely coordinate with fiscal policies and other macroeconomic policies to control inflation; Maintaining macro stability, market, supporting fast economic recovery
Then, the banking system will continue to support businesses through solutions, measures on the spirit of positive support, real matter. In particular, supporting businesses but must ensure safety, maintain financial capacity for the banking itself and the system. At the conference, Deputy Governor assigned the Banking Association to mobilize the agreement of the groups Credit staff reduce interest rates with specific levels right in this July.

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