The State Bank Returns To Buy Usd

The State Bank (SBV) announced that it will be transferred to USD with spot transactions instead of a 6-month term contract and fixed the purchase price at VND 22,750 (purchase price in a 6-month term contract of VND 22,975) .0: 00/1: 19 NAMTHEO VCSC, the latest moves of the SBV can imply that, in the case of commercial banks who need to sell USD to the SBV, the SBV will immediately pump a similar amount The banking system instead of backing the deadline for 6 months to the first half of 2022 when liquidity was usually redundant. In the first half of 2021, the excess liquidity is one of the causes of the SBV to buy USD by contract term In order to delay the pumping money into the banking system to the second half of 2021., the SBV has stopped buying USD spot and moving to a 6-month term with the price to buy VND 23,125, in which credit institutions are allowed Cross before maturity. At the end of February 2021, the SBV announced it would only buy USD term contracts once a week instead of making a daily purchase

. According to the latest announcement, the SBV has reduced the price to buy USD 6 months 150 Copper to VND 22,975. In addition, banks are not allowed to cancel as before.

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