The State In Nigeria Banned The Use Of Mannequin

Nigeria's Kano has just given a confusing regulation when she only allows fashion stores to use unique mannequin, with religious reasons. According to BBC, Islamic Police in Kano, one of 12 states in the region Northern Nigeria, just offering regulations only allows fashion stores to use mannequin not first to advertise outfit templates. "Islam does not allow idol worship," said Haruna Ibn-Sina, commander Sharia police force, explains this regulation. "If there are heads, Mannequin looks like a man," Ibn-Sina added. Obsten Ibn-Sina emphasized that all mannequin must be covered by the whole body Because the presence of the first round and the third round is contrary to the teaching of the Sharia Act

.ong Ibn-Sina (green shirt) and its employees. Photo: BBC. Although this regulation only applies to Muslims but in fact, many people who are not born in Kano still under pressure must comply with the Sharia Act
"We received Being a lot of calls and messages say they are not satisfied with this rule, "said Moses Ajebo, a radio host in Kano city, said. With the head of the police force Sharia, Mr. Ibn-Sina has thousands of lower levels, including men and women. This force has not yet reached each clothing store to enforce the ban.tuyen, there are concerns that the provisions of Sharia police force are increasingly conflicting with secularism (separate between Religion and the State) as well as modern life. Some clothes owners said that the use of non-head mannequin will reduce the appeal of outfits, thereby making sales decrease according to. Last week, Mr. Ibn-Sina also criticized the daughter-in-law of President Muhammadu Buhari because she wore a costume to reveal her bare shoulder in the wedding photo. He also accused those who shared photos on social networks to "perform sinful behavior". Last, Mr
Ibn-Sina staff caught Mohawk-style hairdressers on the street, and shaved their heads. This force also penalizes the people wearing late waistbands.

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