The Stock Market Shocked Because The Sentence About The Inflation Of The Fed Chairman

US Federal Reserve President (FED) US Jerome Powell on November 30, said the central bank could promote the termination of efforts to promote the economy in the context of the United States facing inflation pressure. Leisure. In the hearing before the Senate Bank Committee, Powell said he no longer watched high inflation as "temporary" and the Fed will consider speeding up the narrowing of bond purchase programs in the next meeting Follow next two weeks. Earlier this month, the Fed announced a decrease of 15 billion USD / month bonds. The quantitative easing (QE) was deployed by the FED after Covid became a pandemic last year, whereby bought each In the US $ 120 billion of bonds, including US Treasury bonds and bonds guaranteed by real estate debt

. The Federal Reserve (FED) US Jerome Powell said the central bank can boost termination Efforts to promote the economy. Photo: Reuterong Powell hopes that the problem will be discussed at the meeting in December. The initial bond reduction schedule shows that buying bonds will end around June 2022
If the acceleration decision is approved, it means that the stop buying bonds will end in the spring, thereby paving the way for the Fed to raise interest rates anytime after the US stock market Witnessing a significant stock sellout after Mr. Powell warned that inflation could be maintained at a longer higher than expected and he advocated to limit economic stimulus measures. Powell's father Increasing concerns about a capital market was sensitive to the Omicron variant even though initial signs showed that this variant caused symptoms lighter than the previous strains. Before that, Fed confirmed that high inflation was just The problem is "temporary" and will soothe over time. However, this time Mr. Powell said that now was the right time to stop using this word. Explain this change, Mr. Powell said that the word "temporarily" used to refer to the price increase in short and no lead time Going to high inflation prolonged by prices increased due to disruption of supply and labor supply. But Mr. Powell admits to using the word "temporary" to talk about the high prices in the US now no longer appropriate because of the scarcity of both goods and labor is now requiring longer time to resolve
Fed Powell Chairman is committed to be cautious in controlling inflation.

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