The Story Behind The Black And White Photo About Spacex’s Spacecraft

The next StARSHIP prototype of SPACEX is handled black and white in a great new photo shared by the founder of the company, billionaire Elon Musk.0: 00/2: 31 Southern national black photo Starship Billionaire Elon Musk is in the process of checking to fly to the orbit. The image seems to show the prototype Starship SN20 ("Serial No. 20") during the test on August 4 with Super Heavy Rocket The first paragraph, when the missile stacked became the world's highest spacecraft. The image provides a close-up view of the combination process between Starship and Super Heavy, with engineers sitting below

. The photo reminiscent of a famous black and white photo "Lunch at the top of the skyscraper" was taken by Charles Clyde Ebbets on September 20, 1932, in the process of building Rockefeller in Manhattan. Elon Musk Do not post any photo comments on August 6, although he said a lot on his Twitter account on the appropriate test. In some tweets, Musk wrote that it was really "honored to work with such a great team," and added that it was a "real dream", when they saw them stacked Super Heavy has been up to 70 m high, and the Starship has an additional height of 50 m
Paired together, they were 120 m higher, higher than any other missiles, including NASA's famous Saturn V moon missiles, 110 m high. But when this duo will fly to the orbit still yet Are known. Its spacecraft and rockets must undergo a lot of technical tests before being cleared in place to take off from the launcher near the village of Boca Chica, Texas. Super Heavy and Starship SN20's spacecraft is expected to undergo Separate static fire tests. SPACEX is also waiting to evaluate the Starship launches environment from the Federal Aviation Administration, which has a clear completion date. On Twitter, Musk also writes that Starship and its Super Heavy enhancement sets need at least "4 classes Important items "before they are ready to fly. Those items are the ultimate thermal shields for Starship, heat protection for Super Heavy engine, multiple driving containers on the ground and quick disconnecting arms for Starship, which may be attached to the rig tower of the cushion.Spacex has tested some prototypes in the flight, but this will be the first trajectory try for the Starship program. The orbit flight plans are submitted to the FAA agency showing Supper Heavy missile Booster 4 After raising the first Starship intensity on orbit, will fall off the Gulf of Mexico about 32 km. Starship spacecraft will fly on the orbit, around the Earth once and return to the Pacific Ocean, near Hawaii's Kauai Island, about 90 minutes after launching
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