The Story Of Alexander The Great Sword Before The Distance

Alexander the great sword in his hand to see Dandamis. Dandamis laughed: 'Let's go down, it doesn't work here'. "I lost it," A fierce storm pulled, then the big trees were knocked out. According to Charles Darwin's logical reasoning, they must survive because they are the biggest, strongest and liveliest trunks. Look at the old tree trunk three thousand years old, ty tens of meters and watch

. Its presence is enough to create strength, bringing the feeling of strength and power. Millions of root branches spread and cling to the ground, the trunk reaching the horns. However, the tree has struggled, it doesn't want to give up, but when the storm passes, it has dumping , there is no longer life and the whole power also disappears
The storm is too intense - the storm is always like it comes from the whole, while the tree is just an individual. But there are many small plants and weeds that when the storm comes, it leans down to give way, And the storm cannot harm it. The storm has helped small trees and weeds have the opportunity to shampoo clean, and when the storm passes, they rise to dance. Weeds don't have deep roots, even a child can pull up the grass, but the storm hasn't done anything. So, what happened? Weeds go in the way of the direction, the way of Lao Tzu, and the big tree goes to Charles Darwin's way. Big trees act very a lot of ways: It seeks to resist, find ways to express your strength. If you try to show up the power, you will be defeated. Hitler, Napoleon, Alexander the Great is all big trees. They were all defeated. The leaders were like small trees - no one could defeat them because they were always ready to give up
How can you defeat people who always give up your step, who always says "I lost", "Enjoy His victory, don't need to add any more trouble. I lose". Even Alexander the Great (356 - 323 BC): The 14th King of the Macedonia Kingdom (336 - 323 BC) also felt helpless to Lao Tzu, he couldn't do anything. That happened, it happened right ... "My head is here. He could cut it "when preparing to go to India, Alexander was asked by friends to bring a mendicant because of this" rare flower "only growing in India. They said: "Bring a mendicant. He will bring about many things but don't forget a mendicant. We wanted to see any mendicant what they looked like " . Because he was about to leave India's last village, he ordered the soldiers to the village to ask if there was a mendicant around here. In fact, Dandamis a mendicant (sannyasin) is also in the village, right next to the river bank, so the people replied: "He has come true. There are many mendicants but it's hard to find a true mendicant, and he is now here. He could come to see that saint. "Lexander laughed, "I didn't come here to meet the saint at all. My soldiers will go find him. I will bring him back to the country. "The village said:" Everything will not be so easy ... "Alexander didn't believe it. He conquered the emperors, mighty kings, then with a beggar, a mendicant, what's difficult to muscle? His soldiers came to meet Dandamis, who was standing naked by the river bank. They said: "Alexander invited him to follow him home. A life, idle, or whatever he wants, will be met. He will be treated as a superior ". Naked mendiciddy laughs:" Go to your owner that the person calls himself a Great God. And no one can take us away. I am not a slave of anyone. "The soldier said:" You must have heard about Alexander the Great. It is a dangerous person. If you are rejected, he won't listen to him immediately! "The mendicist said," It is better to bring your owner here, maybe he will understand what we want Talking "Alexander is forced to come. Alexander fively sword in his hand to see Dandamis. Dandamis laughed: "Let's go down, it doesn't work here. Keep in a bag, it's useless because you can only slash my body, what we have left for a long time. His sword did not cut me, so let it go, don't like that. Who remember. He looked into the bag and said: "I have never met someone like that!". And when he returned to the camp, Alexander said: "It's hard to kill someone who is ready to die. Kill him is meaningless. You can kill a man who has a fight, at least there is a little meaning, but it is impossible to kill someone who is ready to die and say 'my head here. He can tighten it '"Alexander recounted this with the friends at home:" There are mendicants that we should have brought back

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