The Story Of The Soldier To Design Two Works H66, H67 In The Chairman

Presidential Palace Historical Site which is an architectural complex was built in the early twentieth century including buildings Government Governor General of Indochina - works style Renaissance by architect French-German Charles Lichtenfelder set design and some houses for Government employees serving Indochinese governor before day.0: 00/7: Phan Dang 17Nu domain Namdong Thai media are introduced to officials Presidential Palace Historical Site structure of homes H67Sau when President Ho Chi Minh lived and worked, this place was built a number of works such as floor - where President Ho Chi Minh lived and worked from 1958 to 1969, works by Nguyen Van Ninh architect, former deputy Director of Department of architectural design under the Ministry of Communications and irrigation design. Besides the H66 and H67 are two buildings are built to ensure the safety of President Ho Chi Minh in the years expanding American empire out destructive war Bac.Cong domain H66 is the cellar was built with purpose shelter directly for President Ho Chi Minh when the alarm (strength of basement folding prop 1/5 times that of the previous work). Also there is a cellar for The meeting with the comrades in the Politburo

. Works started construction on the date 05.17.1966 and completed on 05
8.1966 should be called bunker H66. Initially the underground bunker as whole, then the situation hydrogeology should be handled partly floating bullets and shields to form shaped like a hill. Construction unit led by Mr. Tran Sy Yem - deputy battalion in charge of construction of 2nd Battalion, 259th Regiment, The Engineering Command. Once finished, he sent the results of the report to the President Ho Chi Minh. 9m deep cellar, 12,6m2 wide, 2.5m high, on the roof of the tunnel is a large mound is planted many trees to camouflage with tree leaves in the garden. Whenever a US aircraft, he hit the gong guard gantry hanging paper flower signal for Uncle and brother in authority know to bunker down. In the basement there is a single bed to Uncle offer some chairs for the comrades in the Politburo meeting to discuss job sitting with Uncle
Adits connected by air defense shelters, Physicians can work here in time with alarms and people only when absolutely urgent cap.Dong bunker Mr. Vu Ky, the former private secretary recounted Uncle, Uncle this was down to the cellar H66 shelter a few times, while down not once Uncle closed tunnel. Uncle bunker only when absolutely necessary and still in contact with your phone out. Also Mr. Cu Van ransom, former cadres Office Presidential Palace, who had worked for Physicians for many years, said: Months 5.1967 US aircraft bombarding fierce, Uncle with the Politburo had many meetings here, Physicians sometimes call direct from the cellar H66 H67 nay.Cong the house is starting construction on the occasion of 01.5.1967 date of President Ho Chi Minh to work abroad. Officers and soldiers of the Regiment 259, Department of the Ministry of Public Works Engineering Command is tasked with the design and construction work. With urgency and determination of construction units, in two months the house of reinforced concrete but airy solidly finished. The house is named after the year of construction - House 67. On 30/6/1967, President Ho Chi Minh returned to Hanoi after a long business trip, find new homes expressed an unhappy person. Mr. Pham Hung, Deputy Prime Minister and Member of the Politburo said to Uncle building a house is the aspiration of the whole Party and the people, especially the people of southern soldiers. Even so, he still does not get their own. Someone suggested using the house as a place of meeting of the Politburo, which worked with the Central comrades, and the first officer nganh.Nguoi design H66 and H67 are two works as lieutenant Dang Phan Thai. He was born on 02/01/1932 in Nhan Nghia commune, Ly Nhan district, Ha Nam province. In the war against France, he was a reconnaissance regiment 66, University 304th, fought on the battlefields of northern delta and midland, mountainous ... as campaign Tran Hung Dao Quang Trung, Fall Winter 1951-1952 , Peace, Upper Middle Laos ... After going school culture Kien An, his work in rooms public works Department Engineering command (then Department of public Affairs) since 1957. he was tasked extremely heavy design works for the Secured central leaders of the Party and Government. At that time he seemed unable to complete this task for not knowing anything about the work that only saw strangers listening. His cultural level then to grade 8/10, while the design tasks assigned secret works for the party leadership and the State, the military in the workplace, and the district headquarters base themselves (ATK) have high demands on science and technology. But thanks to the help of colleagues with trying hard to overcome the limitations of myself by trying to learn professional skills, work study, attend school subjects at university Technology such as: strength of materials, the structure and calculation works the tunnel of the Soviet Union, should gradually Thai .. are spot

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