The Strange Journey From The Boy’s Love To The ‘start-up’ Million Million

There are strange passion for technology, Le Anh Tien embark tech products while sitting on the school. At the age threshold of 30 he already owns CEO young companies are opening uoc.0: 00/4: domain 15Nu NamTuoi poetry "strange" Born into a family of laborers - driving instructor father, mother trade grocery and also works part-time at night the pub is very strenuous, Le Anh Tien, CEO JSC Vietnam chatbot technology always aware of having independence from nho.CEO Le Anh Tien. "I know to earn money early

. since childhood, I have traveled to work from the car park, and childhood are very rarely go out, but just concentrate on experience life in society ", Le Anh PhD recounts bizarre minh.Nam childhood to grade 1, carried by parents put into the temple to live with the monks. "Since living in the temple, I was exposed to a lot of people in the society, to hear teachers religion regularly, which have more perspective on life, leading to his products also towards society, community "
Tien since, as a high school student, he has guided the work of their pursuit is computer science, should s OM join the contest for young informatics. Because of this dream, PhD exam at the Faculty of Information Technology, Pedagogical University of Da Nang and Da Nang University of Technology, majoring in engineering tinh.Thoi college time, PhD "parasitic" Lab (experiment). Results after graduating from college, PhD has nearly 20 scientific research projects, products are practical applications and many awards won in competitions. Including, notably smart glass products MultiGlass award Encourage Vietnam Talent Award, published in the Book of Vietnam Innovation golden years worth 2016.San nhoKhong first full success only when still sitting in school, but now that time has stood out established Tien Co. TecViet operating under the business incubator model, the charter capital of 1 billion, with 22 people su.Le UK PhD has gained many achievements such as Science and technology Awards 2015 golden Globes youth; Vietnam Talent 2011, 2015, 2016; VIFOTEC consecutive awards since 2007 - 2012 ..
Our business products mainly due to PhD program and make the technology projects. The first product that the company of Progress marketed as educational software for children of preschool and primary school students is a student hoc.Du but Tien did cum many things, learning, doing, just run companies, both monetize a living. Carried himself no student lives like any other friend. "Recalling his student days, had finished the exam day light straight run company working until midnight. The competition in technology motivated me to never stop learning and more creative ", PhD noi.Chinh from the accumulated experience every day, then not long after graduation, Le Anh Tien became CEO ( chief executive officer) JSC Vietnam chatbot technology. Only two years after start-up, with three original members, to present the company's PhD has been priced over 1 million USD.Tu the notion 8 hours / ngayCEO Le Anh Tien said, when "start- ups "should abandon the concept of working for 8 hours / day, but let 'focus' (concentrate) more, can be 15 hours / day. "I slept 3 hours / day, his remaining time for the products, and capacity building of governance. Maybe later, at a time when families need, I will reduce work time than to spend time caring for themselves and everyone "When asked the secret to" start-up ", he said everything stems from one thing, that is passionate young me.Chang said in starting a business, the biggest difficulty is still looking for the right person, right time and the right market. "To be able to overcome the difficulties that they must accept the failure many times. Myself had started out in a lot of different projects, and also had a lot of failures. Important that after each failure, I can stand up. To do this requires practice, persistence and willpower endless passion ".Also according to this young entrepreneur, a startup lifecycle only within 3 years, ie only 3 years that successful startup. After about 3 years, it is imperative to have a start-up product R

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