The ‘strange’ Tree Species That You Cannot Believe Them Exist On Earth

Nature always contains the interesting things that people are constantly exploring. Here are the miraculous plants that you will not believe they exist on this earth.0: 00/3: 39 nam1. Dragon blood, Yemenc blood will be elected as the representative of the most unique planet planets, dragon blood that makes many hunters because of its rare level. Growth on Yemen Island in the Indian Ocean, this species shaped like a giant tree

. This trees attracted people because of its miraculous healing feature from "blood" - plastic with crimson . Because of its intense attraction that this tree will have to stand in front of the indiscriminate and extinction in the future. Eucalyptus tree Deglupta Eucalyptus Deglupta is also known as a rainbow eucalyptus tree, Gum Mindanao, or Gum The Rainbow, which is considered one of the most beautiful natural wonders
Many people believe that the rainbow eucalyptus will bring good luck for those who see. Not only attracted by 7 colorful rainbow, at first glance like anyone painting up, Deglupta eucalypta tree also has many pharmacies like Other eucalyptus trees. Eucalyptus and eucalyptus leaves contain more essential oils, commonly used as a medicine to treat cough diseases, respiratory surgery, some infections ... 3. Giant Sequoias, Sequoia National Park is a place to gather the number of most millennium trees in the world, with large forests growing on Sierra's snowy slopes. Here, the tree is recognized for the second highest in the world with 3,200 years old. It is the sequoias tree, unique and pride of the whole area. Sequoias only grows and grows on the west side of the Sierra Nevada mountain range, with a length of 640 km running through Nevada and California
But it can reach a height of 75m, equivalent to a 20-storey building. In particular, the body of sequoias grows vertically, not branched at the bottom while the top of the tops grow into canopy, exactly the giant mushroom trees.4. Silk cotton (Cambodia) Ta Prohm Temple also known as Forest Temple, located in Angkor Thom Ruins, has trees that grow here in the most amazing way. Unable to tape until you arrive in this place and take a strange experience. The location has been abandoned for a long time and after hundreds of years has grown into a place where it is It is also called Angkor Archaeological Park. In all directions, the body of the silk cotton trees rise to skate, hiding under giant green foliage. The tree is like an octopus down on the ground and the endless long roots of the ground with the ground like snakes.5. Mexico's Tule (Mexico) tree - Tule (Arbol del Tule) is born near Oaxaca city. This may not be the largest or oldest tree in the world, but Tule has no opponents for the title of the largest body circumference (nearly 50 meters). Best should not see this tree as A single icon. In fact, there is a family of old trees. Roots in the town of Santa María del Tule, Tule and the parts surrounding it form a unique natural monument.6. Windbreaker, New Zealand of super-ancient trees, bizarre shapes, deformation can only be found at the south polarity of the South Island, New Zealand. This area is always suffering from strong southwest winds, Fierce and cold from Antarctica blew. It is the powerful wind powerful, terrible and constantly causing trees, even ancient ancient pouring, bending, razing, deformity in the wind blowing.7. This warm-shaped bahabab tree is a characteristic of Madagascar. Their age is over 1000 years old, many trees with a height of more than 80 meters and the body circumference can be up to 25 meters wide. However, this baobab species is standing in front of a high risk of extinction. The bulging stem will be a source of water for plants in the drought season. The flower of this tree is the flower that appears on Madagarca's banknotes, which only exist within 24 hours after hatching.Theo Thu Huong / Petrotimes

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