The Style Of Minh Trang After The ‘apple Tree Blooming’

Actors 'Blooming Apple Tree' said she keeps shape by hardworking and eating balance in 9:00 / 2: 50 nammong in the apple tree with flowers, Minh Trang impresses the audience thanks to the face Bright, natural express. Beautiful love between structure and residual (Song Luan) also makes viewers enjoy. Sharing with Zing, actress actressing Truc has many characteristics of her back to fashion at the time of two years ago. Currently, Minh Trang has changed. She loves dynamic costumes, Ton shape

. Change style style for that Truc is a girl with a quiet, gentle personality so costume with light tones like white, blue, discreet design is selected Choose fit. It is also the style of Minh Trang two years ago. Pathing with a green cardboard, has an elegant design, showing femininity
Changed with layer shirt patterns, wide-shaped blouse with simple jeans. Truc's lady's letter also shows the way she let long curly hair. Besides, she also has many eye-catching hand bags. When staying at home, Truc often combines two-string dresses with thin cardigan, long shape. However, current, Minh Trang has changed the style. She said: "Two years ago, I was true that the real life version of Truc was about the style, the timid, weak. I coordinate her like her. Later, I practiced sports and work Asking a lot of movement to move into a more minimalist style. My style has a healthy and dynamic healthy ". Ordinary, actress said she admitted the long dresses, wearing slim blazer
Sports pants combined with T-shirts are also a design formula that is loved by her. The usual way of Minh Trang has focused on simplicity, healthy and improvement. Don't eat too much Perform a diet diet, which focuses on nutrition balance, fruit priority, green vegetables. Before, Minh Trang attempted to lose weight over the starch, sugar. However, she had tortured stomach pain. Finally, she had to return to the full diet. Every day, the actress said the most in the morning. During the day, she focused on eating lots of fruits. She maintains a habit of drinking a cup of vitamin to supplement vitamins. The meals are prepared by Minh Trang. About practicing habits, Minh Trang usually spends days of the week to perform cardio articles. According to her, Cardio exercises help motor full body, reduce calories significantly and firm muscles. Besides the shape, Minh Trang also focuses on skin care. In the past, she liked to cover masks and spread her skin many steps. Later, she gradually realized a new skin cleaning step and recovering it was important. "In particular, you have to remember to nourish from the inside anymore. That's why I eat a lot of fruits and minimalist skin care steps ", Minh Trang stressed. In a study published in the Journal of English Pharmacy, experts pointed out to exercise cardiovascular 60 minutes / day safely and in accordance with weight loss targets. Know the episode of complicated movements, you can refer to the rope jump. This is the simplest cardiovascular exercise at home. It enhances foot muscles and improves elasticity of tendons, tissue connected around. Wire jump also uses muscles and abdominal muscles so it can help these two parts firmer. Location: HTV, Minh Trang

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