The Sun Still Shines

Ray was in prison 30 years and the first night returned home with a smooth warm blanket, he couldn't sleep, instead Ray into the toilet pillow head on the carpet to sleep by the habit ... that's new As a house .

.. my throat is salty .
. I wanted to hug him and the truth I wanted to avenge him when I read this paragraph ...! I don't know if I have a compassionate, have enough content , Is there a soul and wisdom enough to understand others? But I felt my heart was strangled when the sound of the stamach sounded in the middle of the road and a person who had to die ... Anthony Ray Hinton - 29-year-old black young man was a court of the United States The judgment of the death penalty because he didn't do it: Murder. The sky still shines as the story of the Ray life as he himself. It was 30 years, 30 years the most beautiful time of a human life in a narrow space in prison, he lived experiences that had survived and forgive
.. Anthony Ray Hinton survived and overcomed his cruel, devastating adversity with an extraordinary effort by praying, reading books, and special Ray was separated with great imagination for adventure to overcome The darkest blacks of life, to find justice for themselves, to be free: Ray travel, meet people happy sad, laugh; Ray loves and married wife in mind, imagination ..., and the ability to separate saved ray ... otherwise he could overcome when he witnessed 57 deaths next to him in all year And worn forward to the execution. The sky still shines the fake: Anthony Ray Hinton, Lara LovPritions. Mr. TramXB Dan Tri publishes. You will not be able to know how strong you are until you are cornered and the only choice is to resilient to find the most beautiful meaningful meaning Freedom. You will ask questions: what happens in the United States? What about America? The United States still has injustice, racism, differentiation ... inequality ... and the project, the United States also has judges, irresponsible lawyers and lack of humanity. When reading this book is really a sadness of bringing my soul ... because the question ever in this world is all of the project? Ever new rulings that people are treated, abused like animals, ever unnecessary only by poor friends, are you different, and poverty are guilty? You cannot imagine the rays have experienced, treated, abused and witnessed. So you have to read the sun still shine. Read it, I believe you will get the lesson about human dignity and value. A book teaches the courage, content, healing and forgiveness. Anthony Ray Hinton's story helps us understand those problems and eventually understand the meaning of existence, surpassing the situation and learning how to forgive.Ray has been in prison for 30 years and the first night returned home With a warm cushion, he was unable to sleep, instead Ray into the toilet pillow head on the carpet to sleep by the habit ... that's the house ... my throat is salty ... I have Want to hug him and the truth I want to take revenge for him when I read this paragraph ...! The sun still shines - is also a shared love of poor black mother, she loves children with me Certainly I am innocent. Throughout the book is the image of the old mother with faith and the hope of welcoming his child off his intestines to return to ... and the image of the old mother sent to the first lawyer of 20 dollars Crumpled with the request and hope: save my child because it's innocent ... make me pain! The lawyer wearing the luxury comle eating a thousand-dollar breakfast every co-manner of that old mother to bastard how! The sacred friendship where the sun still shines on every book page, but I just want to Reminding for thirty years Ray in prison Lester You have never been absent any visit ... It's enough for you to believe how beautiful and worthy friendship know! Love or call The beautiful name will love other for what enough about what Bryan Stevenson has made Ray for over 15 years. While reading books when I was wondering if this lawyer was someone? Why is there anyone who is both good and good? Is that his mission? But strange, if you are lucky to read all the sun still shine I believe you will be less sad if you are sad, the joy will multiply, and especially will forgive anyone who has hurt .. This feeling is very real because I'm smiling when Ray is going everywhere to tell her story with the knowledge he got from the books when he was in prison. Ray is the most exotic speaker in the world about prison reform, the power of faith and forgiveness. Ray is an endless inspiration for anyone who reads: The sun still shines. Thao Thao

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