The Super Rare Ferrari Cars, The Most Difficult To Find The World

Here is a list of 10 rarest Ferrari cars in the world with a limited number without many people who have the opportunity to admire.Ferrari J50 2016 year 2016, Ferrari Fabrication J50, a limited production version of 488 spider is gender Introduction a year earlier but with other bodyboards and more horsepower. Ferrari only produces 10 models for the Japanese market, causing J50 to become one of the most difficult Ferrari to buy today.Ferrari only produces 10 J50 models for the Japanese marketJ50 with a double booster V8 engine , 9 liters similar to 488 spider, but strongly 20 horsepower thanks to some upgrades. The car has a carbon fiber Targa instead of the standard electric folder on 488

.Ferrari P4 / 5 2006 here 13 years, billionaire James Glickenhaus has set Ferrari to produce a super horse named P4 / 5 and designed by PinInfarina.Ferrari P4 / 5 has a modern medium and modern design style of this model designed mixed in a classic racing style and top features on Ferrari Enzo. After that, a Royal Arab member paid $ 40 million, 10 times the original price to own the P4 / 5 from the billionaire from the billionaire James Glickenhaus but not him agree
Ferrari 166mm 1950Ferrari 166 mm always holds one Special location in Ferrari's history. Introduced in 1948, 166mm is the first Ferrari built after Enzo Ferrari decided to establish its own car company. Only 47 pieces were built, causing 166 mm to become super rare.Ferrari 166mm is the first car made after Enzo Ferrari decided to establish a company166 mm built in Touring Allenano and equipped engines 2.0-liter Colombo V12, a capacity of 138 horsepower, allowing it to reach a maximum speed of 220km / h.Ferrari Fioravanti SP1Ferrari Fioravanti SP1 is the first product in Ferrari's Special Special Project. This is the project that creates a unique Bespoke models for tycoon, billionaires around the world.Ferrari Fioravanti SP1 is created for tycoon, billionaires around the world Owner of Fioravanti SP1 is Mr. Junichiro Hiramatsu, a follower of Ferrari and also Chairman Ferrari Japan Club.Ferrari 330 P4 1967 was introduced in 1967, 330 P4 is a motorbike with a gorgeous magic engine that Ferrari grows to replace So 330 P3
Although not winning many races, 330 P4 is an important part of Ferrari's racing history. Currently only 1 Ferrari 330 P4 1967 is intact in the worldFerrari built 4 pcs 330 P4 and only one existence until today in the original form. Ferrari 458 mm speciale is produced for a customer in the UK, Ferrari 458 MM Speciale is a combination of 458 speciale originals and some foreign details Hybrid from Brothers 488 GTB. The name of the 458 mm speciale is inspired by the Ferrari 375 mm. The shape is carefully cared for the Ferrari 458 mm Specialet, the car design combines the strengths of 288 GTO and 488 GTB with paint color flag simulation Italia. Vehicle use V8 4.5L burning engine in the tradition of 597 horsepower capacity.Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa 1958250 Testa Rossa is a sports racing car made by Ferrari in the late 50s to join the World Sportsscar Championship competitions And 24 Hours of Le Mans. Only 33 Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa in the world250 Testa Rossa was very successful to win many different titles. Only 33 Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa in the world, one of them sold for $ 16 million at a auction in Gooding

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