The Supermodel Is Violent To ‘rabies’ Body?

Late 30-11, the supermodel suddenly appeared, shared on social networks of shocking images of her brutal beaten, throughout the body full of injury. International beauty contest. However, over a year ago, she was almost "missing" from the entertainment village. 30-11, shocking for many people when she was incomplete on social networks, with the beaten images, Institute throughout the body. The page said she is a single mother to take care of 4-month-old son

. "Sorry everyone, your brothers and sisters are still unfinished ..
I lost the entire phone sim and social network accounts for 1 year. The story tells long ..." Open. However, the image of the face is full of injuries that make many people shocked, suspect she is violent while retreating to the family to give birth and raise small children. There are photos that show the blush eyes, the nose is broken, the head, back full of injury, cannot realize it is a beautiful supermodel. On a personal facebook page this. "I have since become pregnant in the 3rd month and until I'm like this. I am recovering
" - Canned. She a year ago was like a "prison", then was about to be "liquidated" by her husband in the house, beating the phone, taking all social network accounts and beating brutally. In the middle of the night, she was arrested naked in the bathroom, bouncing cold water into him, beating because of argumentation. Violence is her coming marriage of this person, she has ever flee many times but still Being arrested, then is still assistant, threatening so much that she becomes scared ... now has not added any information about this violence as well as unknown that you have a functional report or not. She only said recently, someone who carries, helps, the wounds become healed, are counting back to the job. "I thank all the questions about everyone's inquiry ... I remember the profession, remember everyone ..." - Canned to express. Once a lot of titles of the beauty page is Duong Thi Ha Giang, Sn 1992, in Ha Giang. In 2012, the married mobilization of Hanoi tourism. Also in 2012, she won the title of Asia 1 of the Vietnam Sports Contest. In 2015, this beauty won the gold award of the Vietnam supermodel competition. After that, the married Miss Eco Universe 2016 in Egypt has no achievement. Also in 2016, she attended Miss Suprinational contest - Miss super national, reached the top 25. By 2018, it was impossible to win at the Supermodel International contest - international supermodel. Know the current mother is a single mother and just want to go back to the page

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