The Supermodel Made A Mourned Face Beaten, Relatively Disclosed By Her Husband?

The famous long legs Duong Nguyen Nhi Trang shared the image she was terrible. Her close friend revealed the violent husband. Over the last night, the supermodel was made public on the personal page she was violent. Long legs said the last time she was hidden not only because of pregnancy and giving birth but also because he continued to be violent to "rabies cruelelf". Equipped with his face, full of bruises, Blue eyes are cool, fracturing the nose and bleeding head

. Looking at the situation of supermodel, everyone was extremely married to her body and was amazed at the brutality of the beater. Back to the image of beaten stamping, causing many people shocked. It was not clear that anyone was abused but only revealed in this situation since pregnant in the 3rd month to the time of time
Before that, Stylist Nguyen Thien Khiem also shared her image with the same line of writing in writing inside Public opinion: "Duong Ngoc Mosquituish - 1 mode is very personality, very west, I always love and all want to invite the cooperation page every time there is a show. Remember the show Joli Poli, the page is the first face of the screen 2 with a kick Skirt skirt. Besides 1 time, the page missing doesn't talk, not to FB, calling anything. Now, the page turns again, tell me I have a baby and get a violent husband like this . I just got Face Book. Sister, I was really okay, I love you. "It was known to the full name as Duong Nguyen Nhien Trang, born in 1992 in Ha Giang. She owns a height of 1.79 m, measurements 3 round 86-61-93. Not only leaving impressed with the favorite face, outstanding height, can also be assessed as a beautiful knowledge when owning a 12-year achievement table is a good student
Shipwest of district-level Literature Literature in 2008, second prize in national excellent students in Literature 2008, National Congress Emulation Series in Ha Giang Province 2010. Currently, she is an academy student Diplomacy, specialized in international relations. Before being named as Asia's most attractive beauty in 2017, she was able to participate in many model competitions, beauty and high rankings. In 2015, Canned to win supermodel gold awards. In April 2016, Ms. Vietnam representative attended the Miss Universe Environmental Contest, then became a judge in Miss Egypt, November, on the road to Miss Super National (Miss Supranination). Now now has a child.mong wants to become more perfect, cans that have to go through a suffering time because of the complications of cosmetic surgery. Previously, the beauty owned small, short, low nose eyes, round face, relatively rough lines. After that, the international supermodel decided to intervene the cutlery to get the beauty like Italy. With a hot body, the measurements of 3 standard rounds, angular faces and charming brown skin, can be equipped with the beauty global Beauties vote as "the most sexy Asian American" in 2017 .Tuy has achieved certain prizes but has not been more noticeable and "enabled" in domestic activities. Beautifully frankly: "I always know myself" non "profession, child career just over 1 year and lack of communication team". Surprise with the image is noticed at the world, but the information of the information Current sheet is quite limited. Sharing about this question of everyone, an approachable, partly due to its inherent personality. Saying: "My personality when exposed to exposure, it seems to be exciting. But I'm a person who doesn't like Noisy. I don't have many friends, not using social networks, just like the time to go to work as "hidden" so the private life is not much information ".

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