The Symbolic Male Is Captured As A Controversial Riding Guests

Fans Vuong Gia ARTS that the program is trying to lower the pedestal, smearing the image of artist.0: 00/1: 26 South Southern Private Program, Thanks to the refrigerator recently caused controversy on executables Social network before the image of the round of the house knelt as a horse to make guests of Truong Ban Ban riding on the back. It is the leader of the group so the idol male accepting the horse head mask and knees to the ground. Meanwhile, Truong Ban Ban suddenly sat on his back and spread: "Come on, let's go". So, Zhang Ban Ban also threw the cloth to the floor asking the king to find it

. Because I didn't see the road so I had to grop lose a while I saw it. The pastries are there very enjoying this situation and constantly laughing. This situation immediately caused controversy when broadcasting
Fans of the arsenal of the arsenal argues that this is an excessive action that has seriously harm the image of the artist and hurt the feeling Exposure of the audience. Many people criticize the editing team deliberately viewing the view when this situation is not suitable for television waves. They asked the program to apologize to apologize and correct the controversial videos. However, some reflectors believe that this joke is due to the righteous king's ownership, not related to the training team. Indeed, in the star clip born in 1994, asking every player to see the horse head hat. Music Got7, South Korea. Currently, his group stopped operating, he returned to the Chinese market developed as a solo artist and TV host.

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