The Taliban Board Of Directors Scuffled For Disagreement Of Establishing A New Government

The source from Taliban senior officials said a large scuffle broke out among the leaders of the group regarding the establishment of a new government in Afghanistan, the BBC on September 15 reported. The controversy in the Presidential Palace between the founder of Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar and Khalil Ur-Rahman Haqqii - Ministers Attendance is in charge of refugees and is a great influence on the Haqqani network - the words The sound was fierce, while their subordinates rushed into a scuffle. Taliban senior officials told the BBC that the controversy involved in the establishment of the new Government of this group in Afghanistan. The Taliban was inside the presidential palace after hitting Kabul on August 15. (Photo: Reuters) A Taliban Senior member in Qatar and another Tin source also confirmed the debate that occurred on the end of last week, with the reason why the Deputy Prime Minister Baradar was unhappy about the main structure The new coating was established

. The argument is thought to originate from the disagreements about who in the Taliban should be recognized for the reception of this organization's victory in Afghanistan. Mr. Baradar said those who perform diplomatic activities like he needed to be paid attention to, while Haqqani network members and supporters believe that the victory is due to fighting
The first Taliban leader was directly contacted with a US president, when the telephone with Mr. Donald Trump in 2020. Before that, Mr. Baradar was the Taliban representative to sign the Doha agreement on the US withdrawal from Afghanistan. At that time, the Haqqani network involved in some of the most serious violent attacks in Afghanistan to fight Afghan forces and Western allies in recent years. This network is designated by the US as a terrorist organization. Sirajuddin Haqqani, the network leader Haqqani, is the Minister of Interior Interior in the new government was established by the Taliban.Tin rumored about a brawl spread from the end of last week, when Mr. Baradar - one of the floating faces The most sound of the Taliban - disappears mysteriously. On social networks also appeared many speculation about being able to die Baradar
However, the Taliban sources said Mr. Baradar left Kabul and came to Kandahar's city after a scuffle. In a recording tape published on September 13, Mr. Baradar said that he "traveled far away" and It is okay that it is okay to be alike anywhere. It still affirmed that there is no controversy and Mr. Baradar is still safe, but it comes to conflicting information about his activity. A spokesman said Mr. Baradar went to Kandahar to meet the Supreme Leader Taliban, but then told the BBC that he was "tired and wanted to rest a little". Many Afghan people will feel they have legitimate reasons To doubt the Taliban's words. In 2015, the group acknowledged to cover the death of the founding leader Mullah Omar for more than two years and continued to offer the declarations of his behalf of him during this period. The source said or Mr. Baradar attended Ants will return to Kabul and may appear before communicating to deny any of the arguments that happened. In addition, there are still many speculation about the supreme leader Taliban Hibatullah Akhundzada, who has never appeared in public. Mr. Akhundzada is in charge of Taliban's political, military and religious issues whenever, Minister of Foreign Affairs on September 14 called for international donors to restart aid, saying that the community International should not politically help Afghanistan.Taliban has gained control of Afghanistan last month and claims this country is a "Muslim kingdom". Interim Nha is announced by the group on September 7, with members who are men and the Taliban's senior character. Many of them are known for violent attacks aimed at US forces over the past two decades.

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