The Team Increased Production, Providing Necessities For People Isolation

Force of the 302th Division - Military Region 7 increased production to support vegetables, tubers and fruits for people in quarantine. Learn the difficulties of people who have to live in quarantine and weather. Rays due to the impact of Covid-19 translation, the last time, the team forces of the 302th division - Military Region 7 (stationed in Long Giao town, Cam My district, Dong Nai province) tried to take advantage of time Free, increased production to support vegetables, tubers and fruits for people to encourage spiritually, and people overcome this difficult period. Military team of the 302th Division - Military Region 7 to send The necessities for people are working isolated at home in Xuan Thanh ward (Cam My, Dong Nai) .Theo, in this 4th epidemic, Long Khanh city has 3 wards of Xuan Thanh, Bao Vinh and streams Bamboo must do isolation and blockade due to related cases of Covid-19 with thousands of households

. Support, side by side with people overcoming Covid-19 pandemic, in addition to walking time school, l The ambiance of the 302 division team has increased production to get a clean and clean necessity source, ensuring product quality awarded to the people. As a result, in this epidemic, the 302th Division awarded more than 1 ton of vegetables, tubers and fruits with 3,000 eggs for people. According to the 302th Division, to get vegetable products, tubers, The fruit provides support for the people, the 302 division soldiers wake up from 2 am to harvest and timely bring people in isolation, blockade in Long Khanh city in the session In the morning
At the same morning, the vice chairman of the 302th Division said, equal to its production of labor, the 302th Division soldiers brought vegetable, tuberous, fruit eggs products to support For people in 3 wards in Long Khanh City. Although the value of these gifts is not large, but sends the entire enthusiasm of the army, of the children of the people, because of the people, hoping to share difficulties and help people in the overcome area are difficult In this pandemic. Nguyen Thi Ngoc Hiep, people of Bao Vinh ward, Long Khanh city said that the time is isolated in blockade areas, people's lives are very difficult. Receiving the support of government levels, especially by the soldiers of the army, the people in the blockade area feel very happy, comfortable, motivate some part to try to comply with the regulations Prevention and control of Covid-19 epidemic, soon pass pandemic, return to everyday life. The meaning of the 302th Division soldiers has contributed to increasing the reunion of meat between the army with the people, people are more and more loving than the soldiers. The 302th Division - Military Region 7 sends a necessity for people who are done isolated at home in Xuan Thanh received ward (Cam My, Dong Nai). Before, in early May 2021, nearly 20 households belonged The area of Xuan Thanh ward must also carry out isolation and blockade 21 days involved in a case of Covid-19. The 302th Division also supports necessities such as vegetables, tubers, fruits and eggs for the people here. All of these products are also due to the increase in the forces by the team to support people to overcome difficulties. Small jobs of the 302th division team force, but show great affection, The intimate attachment, ready to close to the people with the people overcome difficulties, not for any people to be left behind
This contributes to the image of the image and good qualities of the "Lake Tools" in the people of the people.Tin, Photo: Le Xuan (VNA)

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