The Tennis Tournament Supports Difficult Families Due To Pandemic In Quang Binh

The tennis tournament donates the Fund to awarded the Family Family Quang Binh with a particularly difficult circumstances due to Covid-19 Pandemic. Quang Binh Replacement in Ho Chi Minh City will hold a tournament of Quang Binh Association Painting Doan Gia Cup in 2021, on November 28, the tournament information, Mr. Nguyen Van Duong, Vice Chairman of Quang Binh Council in Ho Chi Minh City, Head of Tennis Organizing Committee shared award To celebrate the Congress of Quang Binh Province in Ho Chi Minh City in Ho Chi Minh City, the term 2021-2026, and donated funds to give to fellow families with a particularly difficult situation due to Covid- 19. Ho Chi Minh City, Vice Chairman of Quang Binh Competitive Council in Ho Chi Minh City, Head of the Board of Organization and Information on Competition Rules. Photo; Phong Dien this, Quang Binh Council in Ho Chi Minh City launched the club (club) Quang Binh Tennis in Ho Chi Minh City

. This is a playground for children in Quang Binh in Ho Chi Minh City and the southern provinces to exchange, learn, stick to unite, train body, improve health and relaxation. Thereby, strengthening the relationship, solidarity, cooperation, mutual assistance in work, life to develop with the development. This tournament is Quang Binh's homeland and some guests are generals, senior officers who have been working in units under the Border Guard, Military Region 7, the Army Army 2 and Military School Delegation 4 has a close relationship with Quang Binh Family in the lungs to make activities last time
Teave at 7:30 Sunday, on November 28, 2021 at Khang An Tennis Club, No. 18A Phan Van Tri , Ward 10, Go Vap District. Ho Chi Minh City

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