The Three-child Mother Shared The Secret To Flying 30cm Belly Fat Within 2 Months

Ms. Hoang Thu Thuy (38 years old, residing in Hai Phong) is a 3-year-old mother but she still owns the body of 'thousand people', she also strives to reduce the waist from 95 cm to 65 cm.0. : 00/3: 27 South Vietnam Flying 30 cm of belly fat shared that every pregnancy and childbirth also fell into the waist of bread as if many other milk mothers. Sometimes she was really selfless about his shape

. Then Ms. Thuy started looking for exercises and diets but didn't work. She started his journey to change hisself
Ms. Thuy started practicing from after Tet, but less practice should be negligible. About 2 months now, Ms. Thuy has practiced a lot. On average, Ms. Thuy gathered for 2 hours in the morning and afternoon. As a result, she has now reached the waist measurement of 65 cm. To lose weight, Ms. Thuy said that the most important thing was the right diet, not abstinence, but I didn't have to eat the station. Choose enough substances, do not abys completely
She uses starch, fish, shrimp, crab, fruits, sweets ... but most importantly, within the limit to allow "eating enough not to eat excess". Many women want to be beautiful Dining of hardship, cut out of starch, this affects health. According to Ms. Thuy's experience, they have to eat adequate adequate substances, beautiful new people and enough new substances to practice. If you want to lose weight, beautiful Fasting is tired of strengthening but practicing Ms. Ms.Ve's shape after two months persistently practicing every day, Ms. Thuy eats 3 main meals and 2 sub-meals. When you eat, you will choose reverse diet, ie The meal will eat things that I don't like it like vegetables, soup, after eating meat, fish .. Rice and slow chewing when eating. Because when slow chewing helps you and do not load too much energy into people. Can't ignore the experience of taking the waistline of the Cau Thuy that is the selection of exercises. According to you, if you want to quickly reduce your belly or full body, choose Tabata with a fast strength, 20 seconds for 5-10 seconds. Need to attention The aggregate and quitting time that the exercise is required to take the result. A training session, Ms. Thuy will practice about 5-6 Tabata lightning. After the TABATA exercises, the receipt of the abdomen, thighs and hands depending on which part of themselves want to decrease. The abdominal lines up to 95 cm like 6 months pregnancy. Initially practicing, Ms. Thuy did not practice too many different songs, just need to learn 7-8 movements. However, when practicing technical standards can be viewed online, see the online guide coach. With belly fat reduction and waist fat, Ms. Thuy will practice after practicing Tabata. "The most important thing for waist and stomachs you have to learn how to manage abdominal muscles first. If you haven't learned standard abdominal envelopes, it is not necessary to practice poses on the floor, because if it is not yet already with the abdominal muscle, the movements of placing the underground backs will make you back pain "- Ms. Thuy share. Time of episodes, according to Ms. Thuy to have results every rehears on 1 hour, and best episode 20 hours / 1 month. When you practice, you should not compare your workout results with others But discouraged. Because, the body every different person, each person's fat is also different - solid, different liquidity so slow down slowly is also different. Thuy Thuy many people see someone else to practice 1 month to 5 kg and he points down 5 ounces were frustrated that it was not because people are 60-70 kg, then episode 1 month to 5 kg, and someone has been at normal, fat on the body will not reduce very slowly for 1 kg . Before the training session should have a sub-meal, conditionally you can buy cakes or replace eggs, cakes, flowers, fruits, corn, potatoes ... Drinking water is extremely important, Ms. Thuy said she maintained Drink 2 liters of water every day to help the metabolic process better.

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