The Tiny Mummy Appears To Be Controversial And Disappears Mysteriously

In 1934, two gold mining suddenly announced a shocking detection. They told them, when blasting to find gold in the San Pedro Mountains in Wyoming (USA), they suddenly found a tiny mummy in a small cave hidden deep in the thick stone layer.02: 00/3: 23 domain The tiny bizarre mealy was found in the San Pedro Mountains (USA). According to Ancient-Origins, the discovery of this tiny mummy has attracted a lot of attention and poses many questions as well as creating Severe controversy. The mummy is named "Pedro" named the mountain range where the mummy is found

. Some people believe that tiny mummy is a trick and 2 gold mining has embroidered textile so the story of finding them See the mummy on the San Pedro Mountains. Pedro's heads on the head of Pedro, causing some people to believe this is the remains of an infant who died at a medical facility and then was "handled "To become a mysterious mummy. There are also people who believe that Pedro's mummy is evidence of a" elegant "race like those mentioned in the legend of indigenous people or evidence About an extraterrestrial creature
The famous American Aboriginal tribes often tell legendary stories about "tiny people", "small souls", or nimeriga. In some stories, tiny people even have magic power, or healing ability. In other stories, the tiny people are an evil tribe that attacked the American Aboriginal people with poison arrows. That point, scientists flocked to the San Pedro Mountains to decode The mysteries around this strange mummy mummy. Pedro mummy snap and this mummy x-ray image. Then Pedro has an estimated sitting height of more than 15cm and the height stands around 35, 5cm, it is clear that this is not normal mummies. To learn the origin of tiny mummy, scientists have conducted tests with Pedro. First, they looked at the external material evidence.Pedro was found in a cross-legged posture on a small stone muzzle inside the cave. With convex eyes and a flat skull, Pedro is preserved extremely well - to the point that can see the mummy's nails
A pedro-headed substance and clearly this liquid has been used to preserve the body. The tip, plump teeth, wrinkled brown skin made Pedro with an old man's appearance. Many years after discovering Pedro, scientists have conducted more invasive tests, using rays X to try to explore the mystery. Some initial anthropologists conclude that the remains of a newborn baby, can be premature birth or die immediately after birth. However, this is a controversial idea, because of houses The second learner believes that the remains of an adult's, maybe from 16-65 years old. Then, when the X-ray of Pedro mummy, scientists found sharp teeth and presence Food in the stomach seems to be raw meat. Accordingly, most scientists agree that Pedro's mummy is of a mature male. The X-ray photo also shows that Pedro has to go through a painful death when bones are broken, column Living and the skull is damaged. This day, modern science can provide more clues about Pedro's origin, unfortunately, the mummy has disappeared decades. Marinate appeared in shows in the 1940s, and then a man named Ivan Goodman bought again. After Goodman's death in 1950, the mummy was transferred to a man named Leonard Waller (sometimes reported to Walder). However, this tiny mummy since then is no longer seen. That means, the mysteries of the tiny mummy Pedro have so far have no solution. Bao Tuantheo Ancient-Origins

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