The Top Destinations You Need To Experience When You Are Young

Are you ready to travel around the world, get out of the safe area and find your own position in the world? Traveling is one of the most amazing experiences that you can do when you are young.0: 00/4: 02 Nam You are ready to travel around the world, get out of safe areas and find positions Is yourself in the world? When you explore different cultures, search for new adventures, explore the world wonders and meet admirable people, who will challenge you and open your mind to a lot Different ways of thinking and lifestyle, your life can change forever. Traveling is one of the most amazing experiences that you can do when you are young. Here are some locations that cannot be missed when there are young people1. Maasai Mara, Kenyanh Large grass stretched with trees, zebras and giant cowples, Maasai Mara is a symbolic Xaffon of Africa far exceeding what you expect to see

. This authentic Safari experience will leave you a feeling that is difficult to describe with pure wonders in the natural world. You will feel excited to participate in some hunting trips, because a hunt through Maasai Mara is what needs to be done for anyone who travels to East Africa. If you want a really unique adventure, beyond the usual travel experience and have a positive impact on the Maasai community, this is the destination for you
2. Forest on Monteverde's clouds, Costa Rica is where your tropical dreams come true! The rattan forest on the top of Monteverde mountain is one of the most natural and unique environments you will see. The airy scene provides a getaway to say goodbye to the hot portion of the Pacific Beaches. You will not lack the ecological adventures to make the most of your free time when this is a symbol of biodiversity. At a height of 4.662 feet (1,440 meters) compared to sea level, you have to wear raincoats when exploring the area. The scenery is very spectacular and has a lot of wildlife to observe. The area also boasts many physical activities, including bungee jumping on the longest and highest Zip-Line slip in Latin America.3. Mountain Rainbow, PerAll you have known Machu Picchu, but what about the rainbow mountain? It is an upcoming hiking option, where you will witness one of the most amazing landscapes on the Andes range
This named named mountain is covered by different colors, from charming chestnut colors to turquoise. At a height of approximately 5,200 meters above sea level, this is a hard hiking that you need to prepare carefully, but all the good things in life require effort, so please Using your child's ability, hard to experience, research and willing to explore spectacular Summary scenery.4. Northern Thailand Northern Thailand: It is a surprise adventure waiting for you to discover. First, you will be exploring Bangkok's hunner because this will be your starting point. After that, you should explore Ayutthaya, the world heritage has been recognized by UNESCO, by bike and looking for ancient local villages. Come Chiang Mai with bustling night markets, endless temples and a strong taste. This destination also helps you save much cost because the price here is quite affordable. Finally, don't miss a real true experience in Chiang Rai, where you can immerse yourself in your local life as a volunteer, working with the tribal community on the local hill and There's even the opportunity to spend time living in cozy and unique homestays.5. Kerala, India South India is famous for its relaxed scenery, tea-lined hills, the beaches filled with sunshine, indoor sailing and peaceful river areas. The destination in this India is the perfect choice for those who want to first arrive in this country. Please select a accommodation in Kochi and then go from here to explore the best attractions in Kerala. Go to Munnar's tea-lined hills and load energy in the fresh air of the mountains. Walking through this green landscape is required for you to go to the rivers around Alleppey. Or if you want to have an authentic roofing experience, see the fortune tellers rushing through the forest protruding in the northern Water Region Kochi. Or you can even go to Wayanad to contact the wild elephants! ./. CTV Quynh Nguyen / According to International Volunteer HQ

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