The Trial Situation, Whoever Survived The Epidemic Season

Taking advantage of the infrastructure transported from the partner should occur unexpectedly, many delivery units fall in an awkward situation without a delivery person. Delivery service is in a short time, a series Application of delivery and businesses in the field of transportation, can mention units such as fast delivery, saving delivery, ninja valves, best express, ahamove, ... Direct competition with these He is like Vietnam Post, Viettel Post, DHL

... Besides, there is also the participation of many technology units
Grab announced pouring an additional $ 500 million in Vietnam in the next 5 years to develop financial technology solutions, new mobile technology and logistics. In particular, the field of food forwarding and goods next to Grab transportation services will continue to promote.Lalamove also calls capital of 300 million USD from two financial investment funds. The unit announced that it would focus on developing the technology platform, application and integration of new technologies, and continued its market expansion journey in Asia. Major enterprises in the delivery race (photo: D.Anh) Advantages of this new delivery units are technology and linking partners available like motorbikes, trucks, etc. They can develop the network quickly and quickly and widest. Meanwhile, the delivery staff are only partners, working on roses according to the number of applications assigned every day but these units do not cost additional costs such as fixed salary, insurance mode. .
With cheap delivery, fast and taking advantage of technology, this emerging delivery unit has quickly received by consumers. Some delivered units have grown rapidly, no less next to the names in the market. Representing a transport unit for not only a lot of postal networks, competitive shipping prices, dark work Advantages of goods classification and technology application to solve fast shipping time. Therefore, fast delivery units are focusing on investment in the system classifying the parcel with fast speed, reducing errors to shorten the delivery time to consumers. Convenient technology for customers such as receiving goods, free COD transfer, automatic shipping fee, direct connection of online sales units with consumers across the country through the injured floor Ecomecommunications.Lao dashes because of the past time, many businesses race on prices to compete, are ready to sell services below to win each other's contracts without guaranteeing the quality of commitment, regular delivery delayed, lost goods, ... it was so after a while, the units were bankrupt by not managing good personnel, not managing cash flow. In 2018, the company shipped The GNN Express informs the partner and the customer on stopping operations. The reason is because this enterprise has many financial difficulties. The company has not balanced collected and expenses to use and abuse of households (COD) of customers into other activities. The increasingly fierce family race (Photo: D.Anh) crisis The GV leads to the management of loss of control, causing goods to be outstanding and lost. The Board of Directors apologized to the customer, and committed to settlement for lost goods, pledged to be responsible for satisfactory compensation. Effects of diseases and non-active delivery partners Leading many difficult transport units when the amount of inventory is up to thousands of applications. Managing a delivery point of the shipping unit, the shipper and collaborators are more than 500 people, each day can only handle up to 11,000-12,000 orders. The number of goods per order also increased more than 4-5 times compared to before. Not only that, Ho Chi Minh City has a lot of residential areas being quarantined, so when delivery, the time of waiting for customers to receive also increases ... "Shipper is blocked in the finals and delivery in many quarters The isolation must stand outside the blocking, waiting for guests to receive it, the more time it takes. Since then, the delivery speed is also slower, "she said. Because of the overload of transport units, the owners of the shopkeepers. Mr. Luu Quang Tuan (a owner of a household appliances shop in Hanoi), pressed, he sent a single for guests from the beginning of July, so far he has not reached the recipient's hand. Through online order checks, the situation is still in stock in a county in Ho Chi Minh City. "Ending customers claim single because they buy with a need for use in the episodes", Mr. Tuan complained. Not only epidemic but due to hard work, poor remuneration, so many shipper of these units Leave after a partner. UK NTL, managing this delivery team, said this force was very crowded but because this work was so struggled so many young people had rested or moved through the technology of technology. According to the evaluation of experts in This field, the development of e-commerce dominates the delivery field with development opportunities. However, the elimination is also harsh. After blooming of delivery units

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