The Tricky Mango Tree Is Still Full Of Fruits, Netizen Valued That ‘stunned’

Although it was cut almost like a treks, but with some miraculous vitality, this mango still grows wrongly, even growing more than the moment of tree branches and is carefully cared for. The guy who recently shared on MXH, he grows a mango tree, taking care of a little care, it doesn't work, until it is tight, the tree begins to have a branch. Some miraculously live, this mango tree is still out of a trunk. This has caused many people to be extremely intense. Some people also argue that this is a mutant mango and high pricing

. Even with netizens to guess the price of up to 7 billion VND for this mango makes everyone "stunned". The animal in front of the scenes of "lucky marrow" mango tree branches. Before that on the MXH has appeared similar mangoes, cut the branches and grows under the corrugated roof but still out of the spent of the branches
The most growing mango bunches, which looks big and looks extremely liked. According to some netizens, this mango tree still grows very well for trees growing above the corrugated roof, not necessarily leaves . The foliage leaves are not too busy but extremely wrong that weighs the branches. This is the time when the mango season blooms, so I often see the image of the mango trees. This "lucky" mango tree is shared everywhere because of unique looks. Photo: General readers watching videos: prospects from the model "my mango tree" - Source: Dong Thap TV

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