The Truth About Abalone, ‘bat Tran’ For The Old King

This creature is considered precious seafood, with high economic value and especially exhausted. At the time of the king, it was on the list of 'Bat Tran' - 8 amazing dishes for the nobility. Fishman is a precious product of the sea to have many fishermen hunted. Normally, abalone appears a lot in the sea, islands of many stones, including strong flowing waters. When small, abalone often clings to the shore

. But when matured, they move away as far away and deeper in underground reefs. In Vietnam, abalone has many in the coastal areas of Co To, Ha Long, Khanh Hoa, Con Dao, Phu Quoc, .
. abalone belonging to the soft body, there is a stem shell to develop spiral, this characteristics Their whole body looks like a flat block. The shell is very hard, made up of multiple stacked layers, the shell is mainly composed of calcium carbonate. Abalone's outer shell is alternating with colors such as purple, brown, green, ... Different colors on this shell depend on the habitat to the habitat of each wide range of abalone, they use their feet to crawl, move from one place to another and have a strong muscle into the seabed rock. So, to catch abalone, the divers have to dive into the sea bottom to separate it from the reef. Not like the brothers and abalone are very agile when escaping some types of animals like to eat meat. Abalone will fight to the end to protect yourself and use your respectable speed to escape the danger
Fishery is a plant eating species. Their foods change their corresponding stages of development but mostly are still eating seaweed species, organic residues under the sea. Fuchsia is suitable for male - separate, can distinguish sex-based Their colors in the breeding season: abalone is usually dark blue while male abalidants are yellow. Fishman contains many nutrients such as protein, calcium, zinc, fat, vitamins, phosphorus. According to oriental medicine, abalone is capable of increasing gas, voice, cooling, lightening eyes, cough treatment, indigestion diseases, especially enhancing energy for men. With sea cucumbers, snails, spikes , Diep, abalone is a precious seafood, with high economic value and especially exhausted if not reproduced. About the king, abalone is also on the list of "Bat Tran" - 8 dishes The product for the nobility includes: Nem Cong, Cha Phuong, Numbness, Bear Hand, Near Near, Lips, Elephant Foot and Abalone. Currently, abalone does not necessarily have to be raised in the sea but Can also be cultured in cement tanks, post, cage, separation, ... should be quite favorable for those who intend to raise and breed this quarter of seafood. Video: Top 10 long animals Most Earth. Source: Yan Newstung Dung (T.H)

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