The Truth About Hyperproduct Cabbage Is Vnd 250,000 / Kg

EMAR Vietnam once again affirmed that efforts to make goods to ensure sufficient quantity, reach quality and stability in price during operation, as well as at the present time.0: 00 / 1: 45 South Southern Representative Emart Vietnam said that throughout July 8, there are many social network accounts spreading a photo of 818 grams of cabbage taken at EMART Go Vap with price of VND 204,500 (one sign price of VND 250,000). According to that, Emart Vietnam asks for official information that the contents posted on social networks implied that Vietnamese cabbage prices have gained more than 10 times more than normal Incorrectly. Da Lat cabbage price is currently sold at Emart Vietnam with promotional price 18,500 points / kg. The price is completely stable and promoted to support consumers in difficulty before the existing epidemic situation

. Cabbage price at the Emart is promoting only VND 18,500 / kg. Cabbage on social networks is Australian curly cabbage is posted on social network accounts as mentioned, Australian curly cabbage. This is a product that is considered "Queen of Green Vegetables" imported by Emart's partner from Australia, not Da Lat cabbage
In fact, the fresh products are imported often have other selling prices than those Products are cultivated in Vietnam for many different reasons. Currently, state management agencies are very efforts to prevent epidemics and ensure the stabilization of goods both in quantity and prices. " Social network users need to find out information exactly before posting or sharing to not be confused for readers, to join hands with agencies and businesses to continue their efforts to extinguish Covid disease -19 Fast and effective.Emart Vietnam once again affirmed its efforts to ensure enough goods in terms of quantity, reaching the quality and stability of prices during operations, as well as at Current time. Shopping space is always sterilized, Emart staff has been injected with Covid-19 vaccine to ensure safety for shopping people, "Emart Vietnam states.

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