The Truth About The Effectiveness Of Acne Egg Rolling Method

Rolling chicken eggs is as effective as many people still think? Let's go with to find out immediately! 0:00 / 3: 22 men's acne eggs are a beauty method that is popular, especially when making acne egg rolling does not take a lot of time Preparing time, is also inexpensive to be economical. Even so, rolling acne eggs also have a lot of issues to note and not everyone understands how to treat this acne. Therefore, in this article, will inform you of general knowledge about acne treatment eggs

. Let's follow up! Roll the acne eggs effectively not? Eggs used to roll acne are boiled chicken eggs, no longer peach or no cracking during boiled. Roll boiled chicken eggs on the acne skin to suck bran acne, blackheads. However
For acne notes deep under the skin, it is difficult to remove the chicken eggs to take away all the acne as well as unable to treat acne to stop. It is clear in reducing the darkness and dissolves swollen bruises on the skin. Rolling hot chicken eggs will make blood vessels under the skin blooming, dissolving blood clots in the skin of acne, the newly blurred the dark spots on the skin. Acne treatment is a way that many sisters still do is because of the following advantages: Easy to implement, Available raw materials, don't take much time, the effort of chicken is a benign material, does not irritate all types The amount of vitamin A, B and the same zinc, fat and water in the egg yolk to help skin care, limit excess oil, support the treatment of dermatitis and prevent acne. In addition, protein in chicken eggs also helps build skin tissue, promoting the elasticity of white eggs containing collagen to help heal skin lesions, firm skin, absorb excess oil. Besides, the lysozyme enzyme also helps to kill bacteria that cause acne, remove sebum and shrink pores. Instructions on how to roll chicken eggs, you often suffer from the effects of chemicals in cosmetics , so the rolling eggs will bring many uses such as: Moisture lock helps skin soft, firm, nurtured, improving color dull skin; shrink pores, remove sebum and prevent pimples, reduce acne while creating a layer protecting skin from the effect of sunshine. Data should be prepared as a cold chicken egg and ice cream It is as follows: Chicken eggs rinse and then boiled ninefoot with warm water or sauna to the pores to expand the ripe eggshell and roll up on facial areas with cold eggs. Outside to see a lot of acne is sucked into the end of the redness, rinse the water and cold stone in the cold stone (aloe vera), apply aloe vera gel to soothe the note when rolling acne eggs The rolling of acne-acne eggs effectively, sisters to note the following issues: Wash the chicken eggs before boiling to avoid bacteria, dirt clinging on the dikhi newly boiled eggs, high temperature should be noted Avoid causing skin to be burning. At the places with bruises, the eggs should press eggs into reducing eggs to use the egg egg whites when rolling the eggs to wash again Clean to avoid bacteria intrusion back to skin causing acne
Appropriate time to perform is evening because the skin is relaxed, resting, do not contact directly with the sun. 4 times / week. Here are the general knowledge of acne egg rolling as well as guiding how you make acne eggs properly. Wish you find yourself the useful reference information and make acne egg rolling successfully! Min (General)

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