The Truth Has Not Been Revealed About The First Skilled Sky In History

Because the though there was no vent at the beginning, Garnerin fluctuated very fiercely as fallen, but despite being shaken, he was 'landing' safely. This is the first dense that was recorded in history. Although an activity with a highly applied application in the military, at the same time a sport attracted many people. Very few people knew how the first though in history was done. The time line, Leonardo Da Vinci formed the idea of the parachute in his research works

. French Scientist Louis-Sebastien Lenormand also created a kind of jumping from two stairs and succeeded a few meters high in 1783. But André-Jacques Garnerin (1769-1823) was the first Designing and testing real pellets, capable of slowing down the falling process of a person from the air. Garnerin first imagined the ability to use the resistance of the air to slow down the falling process of one People from above when they were a prisoner in the French revolution
Although I never used an even though to escape the high ramps of Hungarian prison where he was detained for three years, Garnerin never lost Exciting with the idea of parachute. In 1797, he completed his first parachute. This parachute has a diameter of 7 meters and is attached to a basket with a hanging wire. Day 22/10/1797, Garnerin mounts the basket with a hydro ball and flying to a height of 975 meters. After that, he climbed into the basket and severed it from the balloon. Although he didn't have a vent at the beginning, Garnerin fluctuated very violently when he fell, but despite being shaken, he landed "Safety. The land is a half-mile away from the site. This is the first dense that was recorded in history. Five 1799, Garnerin's wife, Jeanne-Genevieve, became the first woman to parachute. In 1802, Garnerin made a spectacular jump from a height of 2,438 meters in an exhibition in England
He died in a balloon accident in 1823 while preparing to test a new parachute. Since then, even though it is constantly completed to have appearance like today. Readers Views Video: Popcorn Beach is only available in Spain / VTV Travel.t.b (General)

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