The Truth Of ‘falling’ About Black Strange Mushrooms Is Causing Market Fever

The type of sea mushrooms have a black stretched skin, the meat inside the white is being sold a lot on the network market is essentially valances and squid skin. Nearly, a food called sea mushrooms sold rampant on the network market, attracting consumer attention by quite strange shape. Screenshots According to the seller, the sea mushroom also calls seafood to sell more than 200,000 VND / kg. Meanwhile, at shops selling seafood and clean food, this price is many times higher. Photo: Facebook A website selling specialties 3 domains based in Hanoi is selling this item for 110,000 VND / 200g, equivalent to 550,000 VND / kg

. Photo: Facebook Seller said, sea mushrooms eat a characteristic, crispy, sweet sweetness like eating the tail of the squid, very suitable for drinks like salads, grilled or to dip hotpot. Photo: Facebook seagresses with black brown stripes, the meat inside white, when imported has been cleaned. Photo: Facebook Before processing, just squeeze a little salt and wash over, then Thai and stir-fried like stir-fried beef
Photo: GiadinhnetChia Sharing on Vietnamese people, owner of a 3-domain specialty store in Hanoi said that this strange mushroom is essentially valanced by the squid, not plant mushrooms growing under the sea. Photo: Dan Viet Normal, this dish only appears in the menu of restaurants, at least appear at seafood stores. Photo: Dan Viet A person who lives in Van Don (Quang Ninh) revealed, restaurants or grassroots production base They often have to strip the squid skin to get the white meat because the squid skin is black, not spectacular. Photo: FacebookDA ink little people eat, only a few tens of thousand VND / kg. The pubs often buy on processing for hybrid customers, cheap prices. Photo: FacebookVideo: The journey to hunt the most expensive fungus in the world. Source: Life VTV Vnho Minh Minh

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